Do you ever notice that your phone is not working as well it should sometimes be? You try to open apps or use the internet, and it takes forever? It can give you some serious headaches when your supposed smartphone is acting rather slow. This is a common issue for many people with their phones.

Fixing your slow smartphone can be done in a few simple steps. The best part about this issue being so common is that there are a lot of solutions to it now. These tricks can help you fix those nagging issues with your phone performance.

Troubleshooting Services

Firstly, if you do not want to tinker too much with your phone and want some professional service, then a troubleshooting service that deals with phones is a good place to start. The experts at provide that kind of service, which helps smartphone owners deal with problems through guided help, and it can be advantageous depending on your phone. Apple products like the iPhone are harder to mess around with because of factory settings, and you might not want to void the warranty by using third party software tricks, which is why troubleshooting services can save you from that concern entirely.

Clear Up Storage Space

A clogged storage drive can cause some performance loss because the phone has no space to store data for apps and other functions. Many people do not realize how big of a problem this can be for the speed of the phone, so going through old files and deleting them is a good start. If you cannot part with some photos, then it is best to save them to cloud storage or transfer them to your computer, otherwise, delete any old and useless files.

Clear Cache Data

Much like storage space with files and photos, cache data is a big culprit for performance. Particularly in your phone’s internet browser, cache data usually gets deleted along with the history if it is ever cleared, which is also recommended. Cache data is just data stored in software for easier access by the program to run functions, but it can become redundant and take up precious space that will slow down your internet browsing speeds, but also your phone’s performance in a general sense.

Close Background Apps and Services

Many people are notorious for this issue. When it comes to a slow smartphone, a glut of background apps running without your knowledge is going to drastically impede its speed and abilities. When you close an app, you might think it is not running, but many still are operational in the background, which goes unnoticed and does a lot to slow your phone down. Not only does the performance suffer, but it can drain your battery too quickly, which is a headache all in its own right. In your phone’s settings, you can find which apps are most often running in the background and how much RAM they are using and taking away from other processes.

Keep Your Phone Up to Date

Updating the software of your phone, particularly the OS, can help keep the phone working optimally. If you are using an outdated OS, then the performance may suffer because it is not working in sync with your apps and services as well because there is less support as the phone is moving towards a new system. Keeping your phone updated is important for the ability to stay connected with the most current software and makes your phone operate how it should be.

Factory Resetting

If nothing else works and you have tried your best to clear any cached data, redundant files, and reduced background functions, then a factory reset might be in order. Sometimes a phone just becomes so crowded with those files and data over a long period of time that the RAM and the processor have become overworked in a sense, and the only solution is to revert the phone back to its original state. Factory resetting is only advised if you have already backed up your data onto a computer, SD card, or other storage solution, but it can solve the problem of a slow phone.

Smartphones are wonderful devices because of the amazing capabilities they possess, but the same problems that happen to computers also happen to phones too. With all the advancements in software and hardware, slow performance is a big complaint that many phone users have. These tricks can help you speed up your phone, allowing you to access its full potential the way it was meant to be used. 


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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