Smartthings is a smart home platform that connects with your smart devices to make your life easier. You can use smartthings to control lights, HVAC systems, and even smart locks. One question that many people have is whether or not there is a smartthings app for pc? In this article we will answer the question and show you how you can install the samsung smartthings app for pc on Windows 10!

Is there a SmartThings App for PC?

Is there SmartThings App for Computer?

In case you were wondering is there smartthings app for pc? There is! In fact, there are two different smart apps that can be installed on a computer running Windows XP SP-32bit or higher and Mac OS X vesion Leopard/Snow Leopard.

So, smartthings app for pc is a thing! Here’s how to install the smart apps on your Windows computer:

Download and run latest smart app from smart things official website. Double click window appears which you have to use windows security permission access. Accept it by clicking ok button at bottom of screen after selecting appropriate language etc which is required by smart app.

After that, smart home manager window appears which is to be used for smartthings pc setup and installation process. Double click on smart things rc installer file item in smart home manager screen . It will take several minutes to complete the set up procedure so please wait while it finishes its job. A message saying “set up is complete” will appear on smart home manager screen when set up is completed successfully .

Now smartthings app for pc is installed and ready to use. Open smart things rc installer file folder which you can see in smart home manager screen as mentioned above. In that open smart apps directory where all the smartapps are located. Now double click smart lighting rc file smart lighting smartapp is ready to use.

Now smart app for pc is installed and working fine on your computer, you can control all your smart devices by using smartthings smart lighting smartapp. You just have to run it first then open other samsung smartapps like security etc in the same way as mentioned above. So now answer to smartthings app for pc is yes!

Samsung smartthings are becoming the popular choice among homeowners who want an easy way of controlling their smart devices at homes. For example there is a great motion sensors for smartthings or water leak detectors for your kitchen.

There is also a smart apps feature that will let you connect your smartthings with the smartapps. If not, then there is no smartapp available for computer or PC to use it as an interface between smart devices and samsung smartthings hub. If you want to know more about different SmartThings stuff you can find a lot of useful information on SmartTechBrothers website.

Samsung releases SmartThings App for Windows 10

SmartThings app for pc is available on smart things official website. Smartthings smart home manager software manages your samsung smartthings hub and you can enjoy the smart devices connectivity with this smart apps PC version which has many benefits over other smart lighting apps.

It will be great if there are more features added to Samsung smartthing App so that it could be smartthings app for pc. But it is an official samsung smartthing hub smartapps manager software which has many benefits over other smart lighting apps and a major one is that you can connect with your smart devices easily by using this smartapps on your computer or laptop.

Now, the Samsung SmartThings App for Windows phone is also available in smartthings official website. This smartapp is made for Windows phone users to use smart things with their phones.

Many people are searching online whether there is smart lighting app for pc or not but the fact of the matter is that smartapps feature which will let you connect your smartthings with other apps like samsung smartlighting etc.. Smart lighting supports smartthings smart lighting smartapp version.

If you are looking for smartapps PC, then download smart apps from smart things official website and install it on your windows computer is the best choice to enjoy all its features like samsung smartlighting app etc.. So now answer to this question that is there a smartthings app for pc? Is yes!



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