In this article, you will learn how to turn on or off the week numbers on Calendar app in Windows 10. Calendar is an in-built app in Windows 10, which allows you to add events, reminders, weeks, on the Calendar for your own convenience. If you want, you can turn off or on the week numbers from the app.

Steps To Turn On/Turn Off Week Numbers On Calendar App In Windows 10

1. First, open Calendar app. In the left bottom panel, click on the Settings (gear). Click on Calendar Settings.

2. As the Calendar settings opens, scroll down and find Week Numbers. If you want to turn off Week numbers on Calendar app, then open the dropdown menu and select Off.

3. If you want to turn on week numbers, open the drop down menu and select any one among First Day of YearFirst Full Week, or First Four-Day Week.

4. Click on an empty space outside to exit the Calendar settings. That’s all!


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