Whenever any of your applications in your desktop stops responding and brings out such a situation causing your computer to hang down, you open your task manager by pressing the Alt, Ctrl and Delete keys together and end the particular non-responding task. But, what if the Task Manager is unable to terminate the non-responding program then you can try an advanced form of this Task Manager known as SysInternals Process Explorer. 

SysInternals Process Explorer was developed by Mark Russinovich originally and later was bought by Microsoft. The function of this is stated earlier, it’s work starts where it ends for the Task Manager. It kills the unresponsive programs which cannot be terminated by the Task Manager.

Just after you launch the program, you will find a Windows Task Manger-like window open up in the desktop. You could then see Process, that is the apps currently running in your PC. 

The programs highlighted in red are the vital ones while the others are in blue. Colour codes for the CPU is green, System in yellow and the physical memory or RAM in orange-like red.

There is another box at the bottom, which allows you to select the program that is required closing, depending on the mode it is in, be it DLL or others. A Binocular icon is also present in the toolbar section which allows the searching of DLL of any program. Viruses and many malwares can also be traced using this.

Another point worth a mention is VirusTotal. It is an option available under Options in the toolbar. After selecting it, it would direct you to a website that ratifies all the processes running against the version present in the website. This helps in identifying many files that may be disguised as viruses.


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