Windows 10 has introduced the Windows Spotlight feature that enhances the appearance and beauty of Windows 10 lock screen. Windows Spotlight has given a new definition to desktop lock screen where the OS provides new vibrant high definition images as lock screen. This ameliorated lock screen can be customized by the user. Windows supplies new images on a daily basis as long as you are connected to the internet. the images are from different genres. there are nature photography, animals, geometric dimensions, artistic photography of objects etc. With every image, Windows 10 asks you if you like the image.

This feedback is important as Windows arranges the images based on your preferences. Whenever a new lock screen image appears, Windows Spotlight ask you, if you love it or not. If like the image, then you tap on he heart sign that says “I like it”. If you don’t like the image or any of similar images, then tap on “Not a fan”. The image is changed. The images are saved in a temporary file location in the C: drive and you can save them permanently. We have an article on how to save the Windows spotlight images. As mentioned earlier, the image is refreshed everyday and a new image appears on a new day. If you have no internet connectivity, or some bugs in the operating system, the operating system may fail to update the images. In that case, you have to refresh the image manually. You can also reset Windows Spotlight Preferences in Windows 10.

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Steps To Reset Windows Spotlight Preferences In Windows 10

1. Press Windows+R to open Run Window.

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2. Now type regedit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.
3. As the Windows Registry opens, navigate to the following location

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lock Screen\Creative

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4. In the right panel, you will find the CreativeJson key. Double tap on the key to edit it.

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5. By default, this key should have a long string of parameters in the Value field.

6. If anything is wrong and the value field appears blank, then the value has to be altered.

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7. Now, click on the Value Data field, no matter if it’s empty. Tap Ctrl+A t select all the hidden elements in the Value data field. Now press Ctrl+C to copy and paste it in Notepad. On pasting you will find that there is a huge string hidden in the value data field.

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8. You will fidn something like “feedbackprovided” most probably in the fourth line. Set the value to false.

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9. Now press Ctrl+A to select the entire string, copy it and then paste it back in the CreativeJson field. This will reset the Windows Spotlight settings.


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