At some point getting all your information of what you have deleted few months or years back would be a really necessary thing due to some important and unavoidable circumstances. I know many people who have experienced this unfortunate situation and not being able to recover a single information which is now presently important to them. But thanks to a lifesaving software which has been invented, it has started to save so many lives. A lost memory or even a thought would be needed by us when our feelings change back. As we all are people with natural feelings there would be instances where we would always want back what we once thought we would never need it again.   

iMyFone D-Back is a reliable data recovery software, which can easily get all your lost or deleted data on iPhone back. Once it is installed, you could easily recover your lost or deleted photos, text messages, videos, contacts, safari history, WhatsApp/Kik/Wechat messages, Bringing memories back and stating proof is what this software could help you gain. This could indeed be a very useful product for so many people who long to get back past messages. By following just three simple steps of this software, you are able to recover almost anything you need. 

Download iMyFone D-Back for Windows

Download iMyFone D-Back for Mac

Features of iMyFone D-Back

This product contains of so many features which are so useful for so many individuals. It is easy to use, quick, and reliable and also worth for the money you pay to gain this software. Everybody who used this product never came out with a negative comment. It was all about positive comments of full satisfaction, including mine too. I was urgently in need of some messages on my WhatsApp which I had deleted a few months back. I have been trying several ways to retrieve it back and had almost given up, when I was first introduced to this software I took a chance and gave it a try, it was to my great luck that I was able to get bask all the important data on my iPhone which I have once deleted. I totally recommend this product to anyone who is in this situation to use it with no doubt. It will surely help you. This software works for iPhones, iPads and iPods too.

How to use iMyFone D-Back

This important and worthy product is able to recover any mean of information such as photos, videos, text messages, browser history, contacts, call history, WhatsApp/Kik/Wechat messages or any other form of data in a very simple method. This software is compatible to work with Windows and Mac and is used to recover your lost or deleted data on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch!

There are 4 modes of recovery with a large capability of retrieving data from any iOS device, iTunes backup, and iCloud back up and through the smart recovery too. The iMyfone D- Back is able to sufficiently support more than twenty types of data which includes WhatApp, photos, videos, mails, notes and contacts too.

And what’s more capable of this product is that it has the capability of fixing various issues of iOS without any mean of loss of data, like the iPhone / iPad stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, Apple Logo, black screen, white screen or looping on start etc. Therefore, you have nothing to fear or doubt when you are using this software.  

How to use iMyfone D- Back?

Using this product is very simple, as I too was capable to use with my very limited knowledge of technology which I had to put in use. But I was amazed to see how simple things work as the options were built for almost anyone to use and understand. So there is no need of an expert to come over and help you to recover your own personal information.

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer and then connect your iPhone with your computer.


Step 2: Choose how you lost your data.

how to lose data

Step 3: Choose the files you want to recover

files to recover

Step 4: The software will scan your device and recover back all those information which you have wanted to see all over again. You can choose recover from Smart recovery, from your iOS device, from iTunes or iCloud backup.


iMyFone D-Back has saved so many lives and proved so many truths among people who had disputes among them. Surely we are able to recover old messages and prove whatever is needed. We are also able to get back a memory which we have always wanted to see. It is a software which understands people’s accidents and try’s to help them out once again.

Download iMyFone D-Back for Windows

Download iMyFone D-Back for Mac




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