RAW image files cannot be viewed by usual image viewer software applications. RAW image files are those files which are minimally processed. The files are extracted from the image sensor of digital cameras. RAW image files are called so, because the data in the image files are not processed and hence cannot be edited, viewed or printed in any image editor. So, if you are an editor, or photographer, you must be looking fior a software, that allows you to view RAW image files. Microsoft has recently included RAW Image extension for Windows 10 v1903. This Build will incorporate support for RAW Image file extension.

If you want to view RAW images on Windows 10, then follow the article below:

Microsoft has released an app called the Raw Image Extension. This extension renders native viewing support for images which are captured in RAW format. So, if you want to view or edit RAW image files, then you have to install the extension from the Windows Store. Installing the application will help you view and edit images captured in RAW formats. The extension app will support all RAW image file extensions excluding  CR3 and GPR.

The installation process is pretty simple. You have to open your in-built Windows Store app. In the search bar, type RAW Image Extension. You will get RAW Image Extension (Beta) as of now, as the application is still in Beta stage. It is available for public. Right now, the beta version does not support CR3 and GPR file formats, but it is expected that the supoort will be available by the time, the public version is available.

Finally, full support for RAW image extension files have been added to your Windows 10 device. Photos App of Windows 10 will also be able to show you the RAW images.


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