How To Incorporate Advertising With Windows 10

Advertising ensures that your business agendas are carried to thousands if not millions of users. However, this depends on the advertising channels used. Whether paid or free, advertising also helps to increase awareness and the desire to purchase products by potential customers. Now, over the past few years, Windows has continued to upgrade its products and this has made it easier to use and integrate them into various business processes. Marketing is among the main featured items on the Window’s products. But then again, it will all depend on your product of choice. Windows 10 is among the most promoted products from Windows that could help carry your marketing strategies across the board.

Here’s how to incorporate advertising with Windows 10.

1. Invest Heavily On Paid Ads

With the new and integrated Microsoft functionalities, you now have the option of tracking your advertising campaigns on Microsoft. This has been made possible by the merged interface that incorporates Microsoft advertising and cool Window features into an exclusive SDK platform. Window’s ad functionalities have also been added to help ensure that your advertising strategies are simpler and manageable. Paid advertising has always been an effective and convenient way of carrying your advertising message on various platforms and according to the professionals at, you can integrate Google AdWords into Windows 10 to have that competitive leverage. However, you also need to invest in a PPC (pay per click) management system. This will help to manage your digital marketing campaigns as well as in streamlining your managerial features. That said, below are the benefits of paid ads when using Windows 10. They include:

  • Increased Microsoft audience means that you’ll be able to reach more users
  • Microsoft, unlike other service providers, has a higher conversion rate meaning a higher ROI
  • You have the option of utilizing Microsoft ad extensions
  • You’ll always get personalized services from the Microsoft team

2. Making Good Use of the Microsoft Advertising ADK

Before incorporating advertising with Windows 10, it’s important that you first install the new Microsoft Advertising SDK feature into your systems. This is the first implementation procedure required by all users across the board. This will make it easier to create banner ads, promotional interstitial videos, and native ads to mention but a few. With these features, it means that your ads will be accepted in the store where you’ll have the opportunity to reach thousands if not millions of users. 

3. Using Microsoft’s Convenient Customer Service

How To Incorporate Advertising With Windows 10

Microsoft is rated as one amongst the top companies with quality customer service. When advertising, you’ll need to ensure that your customer service and support are of the best quality. This is in regard to reaching out to consumer’s needs and wants. Microsoft has over the past few decades invested heavily in their customer services, and advertising on Windows 10 means that you’ll have the customer service support from renowned professionals. 

4. Using the Microsoft Search Network

When advertising on Windows 10, you can utilize the Microsoft search network to reach thousands of customers in your service area. This may be associated with their related search topics or products. It’s been noted that Microsoft users spend more time online than other subscribers and this creates a great opportunity when advertising to users in your area.

5. Making Good Use of Microsoft 10’s Paid Advertising

Making good use of the free Microsoft upgrade offer means that you’ll have access to the many built-in advertising features that Windows provides. Anyone who uses the latest Windows 10 version has at some point seen flashy ads on their PC. Whether they choose to disable those ads or not, it will have an effect on their consumption needs. By all means, this is what you need to take advantage of as an entrepreneur. The best part is that Microsoft 10 displays pop up ads on the taskbar which makes it hard to ignore. Before users disable the lock screen ads from their Windows 10, your advert messages will have gone across to millions of users. 

Effective advertising means selecting the best tools for the job. Windows 10 provides you with the opportunity to increase your revenue through adverts. Whether paid or free, you’ll have the platform to target a lot of users who are on the same platform. But then again, it’s all about investing in strategic marketing campaigns that will be a return on investment. The above pointers will go a long way to help you to set up a Windows 10 marketing campaign. 



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