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If your Windows 10 Boot configuration database is missing or some essential files are corrupted, your Windows system would face difficulties in boot-up. Generally, this is one of the main reasons for which this error code 0xc000000f comes up and does not let the user access windows. The issue that we will discuss will affect both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Operating Systems. Before we focus on the possible solutions, let us understand the causes of Error code 0xc000000f.

Causes of Error code 0xc000000f : 

  • The file system is corrupted due to power failure.
  • File missing due to malware and virus attack.
  • Data cable issues
  • Disk write errors

How to Fix Code 0xc000000f on Windows :

Please follow the following steps to resolve the 0xc000000f error on your windows machine.

Step 1: Rebuild the BCD manually.

The BCD file is considered to be one of the main reasons for this code error 0xc000000f. It occurs when the BCD file has gone missing or corrupted while booting and causing Windows failure. Please follow the following steps to solve the error:

  • Follow the instructions given below to boot the computer into “Windows Setup.” You can either use the advanced boot-up option or insert a bootable USB to get into the Windows Setup screen. Then quickly select Command Prompt from the options.
  • Type the command “bootrec /rebuildbcd” and hit enter to begin the process.
  • This command will automatically scan for Windows boot-up errors and tries to rebuild the BCD file.
  • Finally, try to reboot your system and check if the boot-up happens or not.

Step 2: Check and Change Power Cord and remove External Devices.

The damaged power cord can also cause the Windows to stop booting, as the power supply is interrupted. It is necessary to remove all the external devices from the computer before solving this issue. Please follow the below steps;

  • Turn off the Windows device.
  • Disconnect it from the power source. Check the power cord for any visible damage. If so, then replace it before plugging it back on. If it looks healthy, perform the following steps.
  • Remove all the connected devices like USB devices, microphone, webcam, and other electronics accessories if connected. If feasible, try to remove the battery and plug it again.
  • Power on the device to try again.

Step3: Check your disk with CHKDSK utility.

In this process of removal error code 0xc000000f, we use CHKDSK utility when the Hard drive’s file composition is disturbed. Follow the following steps:

  • Use the Windows install disc to boot the computer.
  • Select Repair your computer.
  • Choose the Windows installation drive – C:/ and hit Next.
  • Then the System Recovery Options box appears on the screen, choose Command Prompt, and type “CHKDSK C:/f.” If Windows is not installed on your local disk ‘C”, you can replace “C” with the drive’s initial letter.

Step 4: Check BIOS, data cables, and drivers.

There are instances when users tried all the methods to fix the error but forgot to check the apparent data cables, BIOS, and drivers. Here we will discuss how to fix the annoying error:

  • Remove data cables. You might need experts for this.
  • Apply Restore factory settings from BIOS.
  • Restart the PC now.
  • Choose any of these keys Del, Esc, F2, F8, F10, F12 to open the BIOS menu.
  • Have a look at the BIOS screen for any abnormal behavior or error code and then follow the instructions as displayed on the screen.


This article discussed the reasons for Error code 0xc000000f and went through different ways to fix this issue. Please note that you might face problems with boot-up your Windows system without any reasons; you can try to restart your system, and many times, it worked.


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