Dropshipping is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make money online. Every year, thousands of people use dropshipping to take their lives into their own hands and make a living. However, running a website is a barrier to many people who don’t have technical skills. Plus, maintaining and running a site is a job all on its own. So what if you want to skip the online store? Is there a way to Dropship products to customers without the need for a website? Here’s what we found out.

Amazon/ Amazon FBA

If it wasn’t for the low margins and high fees of Amazon FBA, the article would stop right here. Amazon has the name of a multinational corporation, but it also has a massive customer base and an easy-to-use interface. Amazon allows users who wish to sell their products to create a small store on their website, so they are not burdened with maintaining a website.

Although many dropshipping gurus say you should not use this as potential customers will view it as unprofessional, others claim that it will work because of the Amazon name, which is already trusted. Another significant factor about the Amazon FBA program is that you can create your products and then ship to Amazon warehouses. Amazon will completely take care of the shipping, packaging, and distribution of your product.


After Amazon, our next choice to Dropship without a website is eBay. It is also another multi mega-corporation that has both the trust of its millions of customers and a strict but reliable shipping system that allows customers to report bad experiences and get refunds. eBay lets its sellers create small online stores witing the website itself so you can display the products you have selected from your supplier in your store. 

By creating an in-eBay store, your audience can see all of the products you’re selling and can browse around. However, there is a negative aspect to using eBay as a website alternative. At the bottom of a product’s page, eBay suggests similar products to the shopper, even if it is not from your store. So, customers looking at your store could quickly leave and find the same product under a different retailer. 


If you are deadset on not using a website while you’re dropshipping, then you can use links to direct a customer to the supplier’s page to buy an item. However, this is a very odd method of dropshipping, and there are not many people who are doing it. I’m not saying it’s an impossible method, but you need to get creative if you want to depend on linking. We suggest using Craigslist, online forums, Reddit, or other websites that allow comments on their articles.


Dropshipping without a website is entirely possible; you just have to sacrifice some personalization and share the audience with other sellers. Both Amazon and eBay are the safest and most tried methods of store dropshipping. But you can also use Craigslist and other forums to sell products from your supplier.




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