Gaming addiction is something that needs serious attention. It can lead to severe attention deficiency. Roblox is one such addictive gaming experience. If you are getting addicted to this game, then it is time that you take some corrective measures. In this article, I will show you how to delete a Roblox account permanently.

Completely deleting a Roblox account is not very simple. There is no single step solution for deleting a Roblox account. You can do it in three ways. You can submit a request for account deletion, or cancel renewal, or call customer care and ask for account deletion.

Steps to delete a Roblox Account Permanently

  1. Submit a request for account deletion
  2. Cancel Renewal
  3. Call customer service

Roblox deletes accounts that are inactive for more than a year. But if you do not wish to wait that long, then simply submit a request for account deletion.

1. Submit a request for account deletion

Contact Roblox support team by using their support forum. You have to choose relevant options. After that, the Roblox team will process such requests with reference to their rules and regulations. They will take some time to verify it’s you who is making the request. Accordingly, they will process your request.

2. Cancel renewal

First, Log into your Roblox account.

Next, Click the Menu (seen as the cog-wheel icon in the upper-right corner of the main page) and choose Roblox Settings.

choose Billing tab located on the left panel.

When directed to a new page, hit the Cancel Renewal button under the Membership Status heading. Thereafter, follow the on-screen prompts to cancel the subscription completely.

3. Call customer service

If you consider the above method long & tedious and can’t afford to wait on back-and-forth email responses, you can use Roblox call support. It offers a quick way to delete your account at once. Just pick up your phone and dial 888-858-2569 to speak to a representative.


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