Some drones offer pilots advanced controller applications that can run on a smart device and enable you to control it without using a controller. For the DJI drones, a good example of a tool that allows you to do this is the DJI assistant 2. But just how can you use the DJI assistant 2 to control your drone?

DJI Assistant

The DJI 2 Assistant software features additional extras and utilities for all kinds of DJI equipment, including drones, cameras, and gimbals. The software allows you to upload flight data and black box information, calibrate your vision sensors, as well as upgrade your firmware. 

To do this, you must first download the DJI Assistant 2 and install it, which is available for Mac and Windows computers. It should only take you a matter of minutes. The installation process involves the following:

  • Download the DJI Assistant app
  • Double click on the executable file you’ve just downloaded
  • Click “Yes” when you receive a message asking if you want the app to make changes to your computer
  • Accept the Assistant 2 license agreement and click next
  • Create a shortcut to your desktop then install
  • You will notice the software extracting files before installing
  • Click finish

The DJI drones are fitted with a micro USB port, and with the software installed on your PC, you can connect the drone to your computer. From this point, the DJI Assistant 2 software will recognize the drone, whether you’re using elite DJI drones like the Mavic Mini, Spark, Mavic Pro or the M600. 

The DJI Assistant 2 will even recognize the Lightbridge flight controllers. For most DJI equipment, the software will only let you update the firmware, but this is different for their drones. 

Now, with the older DJI Assistant 2 versions, it was quite easy to modify your Mavic Pro drone to make adjustments to features like flight parameters and others. Meanwhile, the latest version comes with the settings to enable you to perform the following on your drone:

  • Upload data
  • Upload firmware updates
  • Calibration
  • Black box
  • Simulation
  • Restore factory defaults
  • Wi-Fi settings

The DJI Assistant 2 software does not work on cell phones. It is not a cellphone app, rather, it is installed on computers and you can find Windows and Mac versions. The software is almost completely different from the DJI Go 4 app. There is only one similarity and that is you can update the firmware with both the DJI Assistant 2 and the DJI Go 4 app.

The DJI Assistant 2 Mavic simulator provides a virtual 3D environment from flight data that is transmitted to your computer. The Assistant 2 is also known as Simulator Lite. Before you start using the application, there are a few things you should note:

  • Remove the propellers
  • Reset the drone settings in the DJI Go/Vision App
  • No-Fly zone limit isn’t effective in the DJI Assistant 2 simulator

Click on the simulator to open up the settings then choose the following:

  • Longitude 
  • Latitude
  • Wind speed

Click the “Start Simulating” button! At this point, switch on the Mavic Pro controller and you can start flying the drone in the simulator. The Mavic will fly according to the longitude, latitude, and wind speed that you programmed the simulator in. 


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