The term game might just be a word for many people, but it is a feeling to the ones who are knee depth involved in it. For the gamers, a phone or a PC isn’t enough, because they don’t believe in a good picture, they are into a responsive device that would have low input lag. Yeah, that is because it decides the game and that my friend, matters a lot to gamers.

Choose the right TV

PC gamers might be a lot into their monitors and spend their time at the desk, but it is completely different for console players, they relax and play with their headsets in and in front of them a TV that is more than just about a good picture. These gamers require a TV that is great on picture quality, balancing all contrast and colors which are close to what is designed as in the original game. Along with this, another main consideration is remote ergonomics and interface design so that, the TV you get is an all in one investment. However, what gamers take into account the most is input lag. 

What is Input Lag?

Input lag can be defined as the time difference between the receiving of the signal and the sending of the signal. A lot of games are timing focused and a lag can change the course of the game completely. Even the tiny pauses matter and compensating for long legs might not look good all the time. Input lag generally falls in a range of 15 to 80 milliseconds for televisions yet 30-40 ms is acceptable.

4K or HDR?

Although 4K TVs are prevailing in the market, for the gaming world, it is new and limited to high-end games. High Dynamic Range of HDR has been in the market for quite a long time and is known for its steady growth in adoption and usefulness. What you choose is mostly dependent on the game you choose for yourself.

Let’s get to the list of TVs you can choose for yourself.

Hisense 55H9F

It is one of the best budget TVs with excellent graphics, high performance, and runs Android TV software. The input lag is 17.7 ms which is an average deal. It supports Composite, HDMI, RF, USB video inputs and has basic streaming services.

LG Signature OLED88Z9PUA

This OLED TV is one fine creation by LG and has seen to be a great color performer. It is an expensive or flagship product you can say but amazing in all ways. With an input lag of 17.7 ms and supporting Dolby Vision, HDR-10 can be a great choice for you.

TCL 55R625

This LED TV is an inexpensive model, amazingly designed, with a brighter panel and has good color. Composite, HDMI, RF, USB inputs, and Dolby Vision, HDR-10 make adding up to the 3.4 ms input lags makes it worth everything.


It is one of the OLED TV that would impress you with its features. It’s designed to get perfect black and excellent contrast along with a wide color reach. The best thing is the integration with Google assistant, well, what else do you expect from a smart TV? It has the same video input and HDR options as the other TVs and the input lag is 21.2 ms. Overall, it is a great deal.

Sony Master Series XBR-55A9G

While LG is a leading name in OLED, Sony has jumped into the market with some impressive features. The highlights are balanced black levels and contrasts, clear stereo audio, google assistant, and yeah, hand’s free. The TV is a stylish model with an input lag of 18.9 ms

Hisense 50H8F

The stylish design, well-balanced color, LED TV is best suited for Android support and also has a bright panel. With the budget-friendly price, this TV is a great competition in the market. With all video inputs and HDR, it stands with an input lag of 15.1 ms only.

Hisense 55R8F

Another Hisense LED TV, yet impressive than ever. Hisense is in the market with the best deals. This TV is a lot of pocket friendly, though the features are a lot to ask for. It has excellent color performance and a low input lag as that of 6.3 ms only. Isn’t it a great deal?

TCL 43S425

TCL is no doubt a budget brand, but has come up with great products at an affordable price and this model is an example. It has an amazing color response to the Roku TV platform and additional features. It supports HDR 10 only with all other similar features and specifications. For the TV, the input lag is even quite low as 15.2 ms only.

TCL 65Q825

Keeping the flagship models at the bay, TCL’s budget-friendly model has everything you can ask for in a TV; correct brightness, colors, and sleek design. The performance is quite great as well, owing to the specifications it has been built on. It might be an expensive model amongst the TCL products, but has it all and the input lag is just 11.3 ms 

This lost to tell you briefly about the TVs you want to consider for gaming. But if you are seriously into bagging one for yourself, then go ahead and check the specifications and features in detail to find the perfect all in one deal.


Ankita Mohanty is a Software Engineer who has the passion for content creation, tech and travel. She believes in that there's nothing in this world that's unachievable when you work hard for it.


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