Our laptop and PC screens comprise of millions of miniature lights, which create astounding image and videos. These building blocks are called pixels. These pixels have sub pixels with RBG colors, which together emit a white light. However, if any pixel gets out of function, its sub pixels go off accordingly. Then the pixel appears completely black and these are called dead pixels. There are a plethora of reasons, why a pixel may become dead. If a transistor is damaged, then no power is supplied, leaving the pixel black. Sometimes, a pixel might get stuck with a particular color pixel. That is all the colors are changing, but one or two pixels are stuck with the same color. This is called stuck pixel. Stuck pixel, unlike dead pixel, can be fixed and brought back to action. In this article, I shall show you how you can check for dead pixels on your laptop. This applies for any laptop, independent of the operating system.

If you have purchased a new laptop, it is extremely important, that you check your monitor and find out if there is any dead pixel or stuck pixel. The process is very simple. There are several dead pixel checking software applications available in the internet. Choose any one of your choice and carry on with the checking process.

Steps To Check For Dead Pixels On Your Windows 10 Laptop

  1. First, clean the monitor with a piece of dry cotton cloth, or with a laptop monitor friendly wipe. If your laptop is new, then probably, you won’t need to clean it.
  2. Next, open your web browser and search for any dead pixel checker software or web application. I am using http://lcdtech.info/en/tests/dead.pixel.htm
  3. As you open the website, click on “Start test”. Press “F11” key if your browser window is not switching to full screen automatically. Press “Esc” key to exit full screen mode and to stop test and return to this page.
  4. Click left mouse button or press “space” to change test-screen. Look carefully and scan for any dead pixel. Pixels are super tiny, so you got to be really attentive.

That’s all!


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