Playing Minecraft imposes a lot of challenges and missions for the players, most of which are interesting. One such task is building a restaurant in Minecraft. Building a restaurant in Minecraft takes a lot of effort, although the end result is satisfying. There is no one way of building a restaurant, but in this article, I shall share some basic outlines of erecting a restaurant in Minecraft.

Find A Suitable Location

The first thing you must do is find a large suitable location for you. The location should be at the center so that it is capable of attracting people. So choosing location is important. Once, you have selected a location, you can start making your restaurant.

Create A Foundation For Your Restaurant

The foundation for a restaurant needs a lot of space, such as, 15×15 blocks or 15×10 blocks. You can lay the foundation as you want using blocks of stone or cobblestone.

Make Walls

After foundation has been laid, Next job is to make the walls along the perimeter of the foundation. The walls should be at least 2 blocks high, so that people from outside cannot peep into your restaurant.

Add Roof

After you have made the walls, the next task is to make the roof. Roof can be made by using blocks of stone or wood.

Add Door

Next, you have to make a door for your restaurant. This can be done by using a block of wood or iron. This completes the main backbone of a restaurant.

Include Furnishings

After the structure of the restaurant is done, it is time to add furniture for the guests. So, you have to add a counter. Counter can be made up of stone or wood. Next, add some shelves just behind the counter, for storing things.

Now, add some tables and chairs by using wood blocks or stone blocks. The furniture should be spaced in such a way that there is enough space between them to move around.

Add A Signboard

Add a sign to your restaurant by using wood block or stone. The signboard will have your restaurant’s name.

That’s all!


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