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When we think about internet security, we often forget about the humble firewall. The firewall should always be our go to whether we are browsing or playing games from our PC. If you are concerned about privacy when you are playing your game, it can ruin your experience. So why not the firewall to stop any utilise unwanted breaches and making your all-round game play far better. If you don’t know how to set this up, don’t worry, we can help. 

What Is A Firewall And Do I Need It To Play Games?

In its most basic terms, a firewall creates a barrier between you and the internet, within the network. This barrier stops any unwanted intrusion into your network, keeping you and your personal information safe. This is particularly important if you are playing online games. These are subject to more and more hacks and whilst developers are trying to keep on top of it, it only takes one hacker to get through. Most blogs for PC gaming advice will tell you that you require a firewall to keep your information and network safe whilst gaming online. A Firewall isn’t compulsory for games, but it will help you keep your information far safer. 

How Can I Set Up A Firewall For Gaming?

If you are using a windows laptop or pc the first thing you need to do is click the windows icon, from there, in the search bar type in fire wall. You will be given a few options to choose from. Select Windows defender firewall and hit advanced settings. A new window will open and on the left-hand side you will see an option called outbound rules, this is what you will select. 

This is where it can get complicated, so make sure you follow the instructions. Click ‘new rule’ and you will see a list appear asking what type of new rule you would like to create. Because your game is a programme, click programme and hit next. You will then need to give the firewall the pathway of the programme you are looking to block, so find it and copy across the URL and copy it into the box. Click next and name the rule.

You will now have created a firewall that will stop unwanted access to your network whilst you are playing the game. 

Are Firewalls The Best Protection Against Hackers?

When we think of protection for our computers and networks, firewalls are at the bottom of the pyramid. They are the fundamental building block to internet security that everything else sits on. This isn’t to say that they are impenetrable; it just means that they are one of many components you need to keep yourself and your private information safe. To make your network even safer you can look at other methods of protecting yourself. 

Anti-Virus Protection

Most good anti-virus protection will come with malware protection; this is what you need to keep your information safe and secure. If you have been infected with malware from the online gaming platform or a website, the anti-virus will find it and remove it from your system. Some malware can get through firewalls, so it is always advised to have up to date anti-virus on your PC.

Virtual Private Network 

If we keep going up the pyramid of internet security, a Virtual Private Network or VPN sits right at the top. VPNs encrypt your data end to end and hide your location to make your PC exceptionally difficult to hack. And even if a hacker were to gain access to your PC, they would not be able to read any of the information they had found because it will all be scrambled. Whilst a VPN is at the top of the pyramid, they are worth investing in as it gives you that little extra security. 

Final Thoughts

A firewall is the bottom, yet most fundamental layer to internet security that we can manage ourselves. Games aren’t safe from hackers, so why would you put yourself at risk when you are playing them? Just a few small simple adjustments can make the world of difference to keeping your data safe when you are playing, so block the game through the firewall to make sure you don’t get any inbound attacks whilst you are playing. You can even go further and make sure you have up to date anti-virus and anti-malware protection. And if you have the available money, it will also be worth investing in a VPN to make sure if someone does get into your network, they can’t read anything they find. 



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