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Microsoft announces regular updates for its operating system. This is to keep the system free from the ever evolving threats. If you have proper internet connection running on your windows 7 system, you should receive automatic updates in your PC from the windows live updates. However, if you do not have a proper internet connection and still want to keep your system updated, there exist a way to update your system from a back up folder.

What you need to do is create a backup folder in the system that you want to update. There exist updates files online where you can download all available updates to the update folder. Once you create the update folder, you should then Backup MySQL at ottomatik.

The Process

Once you have downloaded the update files, you need to convert the MySQL into a decipherable format for easy access. This isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is create a MySQL dump file. There are more than a few applications available online for this process.

Normally all your files should be stored in the appropriate folders: music, images, and documents. However if you have the files all over the place, it is recommended that you transfer them to the appropriate folders before attempting to update the system.

Where Should I Store The Back Up?

Back up files should never be stored on the same system that you need to back up. This can convey unprecedented problems in the update process.

A guaranteed way is to store the back up folder in a large external hard disk that you can connect and disconnect from the system at will. These external hard drives are easily available for purchase.

Updating the System

  1. Connect the hard drive to the computer.
  2. Cancel auto play that prompts.
  3. Open system control panel and select system and security.
  4. Click on windows update.
  5. Select on update from drive.
  6. Open the update files from the drive.
  7. Manually select the files that you need to update.
  8. Wait for the whole process to complete before restarting the computer.

This is how you can install windows 7 updates from a back up folder.


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