Hacked? is a useful application for Windows 10 machines that can let you know if your online accounts have been subjected to data breaches of any kind. The Hacked? App has been developed by Lancelot Software and it implements the Have I been pwned? API. This API fetches you information about breaches that have been encountered by your accounts. Initially as you install the application, the app will provide you with some basic information like how your email address is used once you enter it.

Hacked? : An app for Windows 10 to inform about data breaches
Hacked? : An app for Windows 10 to inform about data breaches

The email address you enter into the app will be transferred to Have I been pwned? API service and not sent anywhere else. Now that your account is added to Hacked?, it will show you a list of any breaches that your email address is known to have been involved in.

The application comes with a number of interesting features. For example, the app allows background monitoring. The feature is extremely useful as it prevents you from checking for breaches manually everytime a data leak has been reported. Rather, it will automatically check for breaches every 12 hours. Users will be notified automatically, across all of their Windows 10 devices.

The app has just released and is yet to be updated. In course of time a plenty of new features will be added. At present the app also encounters certain errors like pop-up errors every now and then, including a periodic “something went wrong while searching for breaches” error, although these appear to have no impact on actual usage of the app.

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