Microsoft has provided Windows 10 users to opt for registering to Windows Insider program. The Windows Insiders get Insider Preview builds as soon as they arrive. Usually these Insider builds are released when they are still in the testing phase. The main purpose is to gain more feedback and new development tweaks from developers across the world. So sign in to Insider program only if you want to try these pre-released versions on your computer and share your valuable opinions with Microsoft. Most of the times, these insider Preview Builds are buggy and can become detrimental to your computer. The insider programs push frequent updates which may also contain bugs. If you have a spare computer where you want to nurture your passion for fidgeting with software tools and operating system development, you can choose to get Insider builds in that computer. It’s always recommended not to enable Insider Builds in your every day work computer.

Steps to Get Insider Preview Builds in Windows 10

1. Press Start Button and go to Settings.


2. Now tap on Update and Recovery.

Update and recovery

3. In the left panel, tap on Windows Update.

windows update

4. In the right panel, click on Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

4. In the right panel, click on Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

5. Under Get Insider Preview builds, click on Get Started.

get started

get started

6. Next you will get a warning before taking the final step. Read them carefully and only proceed if you want.


7. Now click Confirm to start getting the Insider Preview builds.

before you confirm


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