The development of technology has reached its peak these days, but it seems not to stop any time soon. Of course, such a notion changed the way that modern students approach education. There are millions of apps and resources that anyone can use to their advantage. The key point is to distinguish between the ones that are actually helpful and the ones that are only a waste of your time.

The very same goes for all possible online services that claim to help students with their papers, in most cases. When it comes to best writing services, we have a trusted one in mind – Papersowl. If you ask us – is Papersowl a good service, the answer will be positive. As for the practical and free Windows apps that every student should know about – read on to learn more!


Taking notes is essential while you are in college and not only. That is why it is important that you have a suitable application at hand. OneNote seems to be the perfect application to suit the goal. The utility comes with a vast range of features that can help you not only gather information but also organize it for most successful use. You can add text, multimedia content, various data to one section so that you can structure your ideas and come up with different thoughts upon a chosen matter.

All the notes can be organized in a way that you find most suitable for yourself, after that you can easily jump between notes. The app allows you to add tables, charts, screen clippings, handwritten text, equations to your notes as well.

Google Drive

These days you can easily access all of your files from almost anywhere and any device if you have the right tool at hand. Google Drive is an office suite with cloud storage, and that is precisely what we have in mind. If you have your Google Drive created, you will be able to access all your Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms in no time.

Anki Flashcards


Those of you who have issues with memorizing things should give Anki a try. The utility allows you to create decks and note cards. Besides, you can also locate, view, and edit any card. The application works in such a way that it shows you cards periodically so that you remember them. The utility is designed in such a way that it makes sure that all the information goes to your long-term memory. Even though it is a simple app, it comes more than useful when there is a lot of information to memorize.


Organizing your homework is also important. That is why you need a proper planner at hand. myHomeworks is precisely the app that gives you a clear view of your course schedule, a calendar showing what’s due, and a homework section for all the tasks.

There are three lists available: Complete, Late, and Upcoming. You can create reminders for each. With an application, you will never miss a single homework!

Wolfram Alpha

The truth is that Wolfram Alpha is not an application but more like a computational search engine. The application will make any research not only easier but also more successful.

When you need some detailed information about statistics, data analysis, units, science, or mathematics the tool will provide you with the complete information available.

Polar Bookshelf

It is true that during the course of your studying, various reading material piles up to the point when it is almost impossible to find anything. In times like this, Polar Bookshelf comes simply irreplaceable. The utility is a document manager for web content, articles, and books. By using it you can keep all the material in one place with tags, annotations, and flashcards supported.

The app allows you to highlight paragraphs, add comments, flashcards, as well as jump to any annotation in the main document.



If you need a free reference manager, then Zotero is the tool you need. The app is designed to collect, organize, and cite references. When you install the app in your browser, you will be able to clip interesting articles automatically.


Writing a paper is never easy, and there are so many things to be aware of. Spelling mistakes, punctuation, grammar…Luckily Grammarly is a free app that can help you deal with all those issues at once. The thing is that the utility is designed to resolve spelling errors, poorly written sentences, and incorrect punctuation.


When you start to write an essay or any other paper, very often it seems that you lack correct words and phrases to use. Writefull is a tool that checks your text against Google Language databases and helps you choose the words that are widely used and are more appropriate. Besides, there is a built-in dictionary that helps you define and pronounce certain words. 

As you can see, many Windows apps are not only useful but also free to use. With apps like that at your side, you will make your studying process a lot simpler and much more effective!


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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