Ever know where you can find an endless resource for all, absolutely all, your presentation needs? There’s no place where you can find an ever-growing number of thoroughly curated PowerPoint templates and all other kinds of presentation resources than Free PowerPoint Templates (a.k.a. FPPT.com).

FPPT.com has been around for a long while now, providing all kinds of free PowerPoint themes, backgrounds, slideshow sets, and all kinds of resources throughout the years. In fact, it’s one of the most sought-after portals by professional and amateur presenters alike. 

High-Quality and Professional-Looking Slides

FPPT is an authority website when it comes to professional-quality templates for presentations that you can access for free. With thousands of pre-designed PowerPoint templates, presenters can confidently present to a crowd of 5 or 5,000 easily. The free themes and templates are all compatible to Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to maximize the software’s editing, formatting, and design functions, among many others. This means you don’t have to learn a new app or painstakingly download a new program. All the templates are compatible with PowerPoint available in Microsoft Office. You can also import the templates into other presentation tools, including Google Slides or Keynote.

There are versatile templates that you can use as your go-templates. There are also those that are very specific to a topic or industry, so you don’t have to do much in terms of customizing it to your topic. You can add your logo and you’re good to go. There are also templates that come with an outline as well as sample content that you can follow. 

Find the Perfect Presentation Template for You

What’s great about FPPT is that it has a very easy and convenient website interface. The way the site is developed allows you to easily navigate through their over 10,000 templates and backgrounds to find exactly what you need. 

In the homepage, you can find the best free PowerPoint templates that are most widely downloaded by users. You may want to start with these also if you’re in a hurry. After all, these are also versatile and can be easily customized.

You may also look to your right-hand side of to find the Popular Keywords pane. Here, you can just click on the best keyword that matches what you are looking for. And if that won’t cut it, you may also choose on the menu in the upper part of the webpage. Here, you can sort through different resources, such as Free Templates, Categories, Tags, Themes, and Deals. 

The presentation blog is also a good resource where you can find How-to guides, premium PowerPoint templates, informative articles covering diverse topics like Death by PowerPoint or even reviews of alternative tools to make modern presentations.

Easily Navigate Through Thousands of Templates

Under the Free Templates menu, you can see the most popular categories, such as Abstract PowerPoint Templates, Business PowerPoint Templates, and Best PowerPoint Templates. You may also click on the “Editor’s Pick” to see which are the best templates that you can use for your own slideshows, this section features some of the top PowerPoint templates available in the website, picked directly by the site editors.

Furthermore, you may also choose the free PowerPoint templates that you want according to color, as the site offers you several color swatches to choose from. Alternatively to free PowerPoint templates, there are plenty of other resources where you can download premium PowerPoint templates with 100% editable PowerPoint designs (for example, see here). 

Preparing a presentations demand time and effort, but using the right tools you can optimize this effort. One way to do it is by reusing pre-designed templates. However you decide to look for templates and other resources, you can be sure that FPPT will provide you more than enough results and options to choose from. Among the hundreds of categories, you will definitely find one that suits your purposes the best. And, you can even customize all these templates and slides to reflect your own topic, personality or branding.


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