A dropshipper can have the most beautiful online store on the internet, with fantastic prices and free shipping, but if there are no customers around to shop in it, what was it all for? Finding an audience isn’t easy, and customers rarely come to you. So in this article, we’ll teach you four ways to market your online store. 

Create a Facebook and Instagram page

If you are not using social media sites to promote your online store, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity. Even if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care for social media, you still can’t deny the effectiveness it has over the human brain. You will need a social media presence if you want to market your business further. If social media is still not something that you like, you can hire a virtual assistant who will handle all of your social media accounts for you. 

Pay someone on Fiverr.

Long ago, Fiverr was a cheap online marketplace where scammers and low-quality workers tried to make a living with only $5 orders. But today, Fiverr has reinvented itself as a major online marketplace for services. Some of the services it offers now are marketing and business promotion to major Facebook pages or Instagram channels. But doing this, customers can see the products you’re offering. Depending on the speed of the worker, your online business can be promoted within an hour or within five days. But the more money you pay, the faster it’ l go. 

Create youtube videos about certain products

If you don’t mind recording yourself, you can create fast and simple YouTube videos to promote your upcoming sales, new product lines, or items that are back by popular demand. If you want, you can also review certain items that interest people in your niche. We know that recording yourself in front of a camera may be scary, but what’s more frightening is returning to your nine-to-five job where you have no control of your life.

Use SEO to your advantage.

Many people hate doing SEO, but as long as the internet exists, it is a vital but annoying way to market your website. SEO happens when an article is formulated to use Search Engine Optimization tools to rank your website higher than it is right now. Getting your website ranked by Google is no easy feat. You have to use the correct SEO throughout your site diligently, so your website page is not on page 15 of google. No one will look there. Most people don’t even look at page two of Google. If the SEO skill is too much for you, consider hiring an assistant who has practiced SEO for over a year.  


The more strategies and plans you create to market your online store, the more customers you attract. So far, you can promote your business by using a Facebook and Instagram page, paying someone on Fiverr, uploading YouTube videos about products or sales, and using SEO so google can see how great your site is and rank you higher. But remember that you cannot do everything at once, so be sure to set up your online store and find a new supplier before doing any business promotion.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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