Important Takeaways From Windows 11 Launch Event

If you are planning to download Windows 11, then it is strictly advised that you download it from the official website of Microsoft or from the Windows update application of your Windows PC. After Microsoft released the system specifications for Windows 11, many high end Windows devices have become ineligible to support Windows 11. That’s when some hackers have found a great way to inject malware in your devices. There are many fake installers that promise to install Windows 11 on your device even if your device does not support Windows 11. 

How to check if my PC supports Windows 11?

Most users are not aware of these tricks done by hackers. They easily get convinced that some third party installers can install Windows 11 on your PC, even if Microsoft does not allow. That’s exactly what happened. There is a malicious file that has been doing rounds the internet and have been installed by many users already. It is called 86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe. It appears as if it is an installer for Windows 11 Build 21996.1. It also uses the term activator, which is pretty much convincing that it will activate Windows 11 on your PC no matter what. These terminologies have been found to be alluring as well as alarming. For novice users, these terms are quite alluring and they install them without a second thought. But if you are aware of the burgeoning cyber crime, you must be alarmed by the name. 

However, the above mentioned file has a size of 1.75 Gb. While installing this installer, there comes a second installer, that camouflages itself as a download manager. Installing this downloader, downloaded several malware on your PC without your knowledge. The malware apps installed on your PC ranges from harmless adwares to dangerous Trojan horse virus. If you have Windows Defender on, then probably you will be warned. But if you have already turned off Windows Defender as per same fake instructions provided with the installer, then your PC is already compromised.

Windows 11 has been released in the Dev channel. Users who are not well versed with the technicalities of operating system, should not try to install Windows 11 using any third party installers. 


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