It has been a long time that Windows 8 has been released an a while that it has been upgraded to 8.1, yet IT industry is still not okay with upgrading their systems to Windows 8. The growth of the sale of Windows 8 products are increasing but at a very slow pace and this is solely because of the reason that IT Industry has not adopted the latest version at a large scale. Top IT companies are still more comfortable with Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Windows 8

Windows 8 and 8.1, now 15 months from the latter’s launch, have reached just 10.5%, according to NetMarketShare’s desktop OS market share report of December 2013. Windows 7 tops the list with 47.5% of the market followed by Windows XP with 29% market share. Vista owns a small fraction only 3.6% whereas Mac OS X, Linux and others round out the total with a combined 9.4%.

Rumors of the launch of Windows 9 has spread and it is heard that the upgraded version would arrive in the middle of 2015 and still Windows 8 has failed to make a mark of its own because of its completely different user interface which is way more unconventional than the previous versions as well as the expensive licensing cost, and application incompatibility.

Even if Windows 8.1 brought a change with re-incarnating the Start Button in a bit different way, yet the total shift from the traditional Windows 7 UI has repelled enterprises from experimenting in thei business affairs. “That one feature may make people take a second look at Windows 8,” said Ric Getter, a programmer and analyst at Portland Community College. But some exceptions are there for e.g., Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Sheraton Hotels have added Windows 8 kiosks and tablets to provide guests with latest technology but other than that hardcore IT companies have straight away proclaimed their preferences for Windows 7 and XP. Microsoft is working hard on bringing Windows 9 soon in the market so that it can come how change the currect scenario.


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