Earlier computers used CMOS RAM to store their BIOS settings and in order to keep the settings intact even after the computer was turned off, they needed a battery that was termed as CMOS battery. Modern computers and laptops, however, don’t have CMOS RAM because they store the required information on a non-volatile memory. But they still have a battery on their motherboard which keeps the Real Time Clock ticking. There are certain laptop problems that reflect your CMOS battery needs replacement. 

Signs That Your Laptop Needs To Replace Its CMOS Battery 

Older computers used to produce BIOS error messages in case of a CMOS failure. These messages included:

  • CMOS Battery Failure
  • CMOS Read Error
  • ACPI BIOS Error
  • CMOS Checksum Error
  • New CPU Installed

However, in modern computers or laptops, where the BIOS settings are stored in some non-volatile memory, you don’t normally get these messages. So, how can you figure out CMOS battery issue then? Do you need to go running to Geeks Callout or some other laptop or macbook repair service in London right away? Probably not! 

Even though your laptop will boot up just fine, you can still notice a few petty issues that show you need to replace your laptop’s motherboard battery. Some common issues can be:

  • System date and time reset constantly
  • Drivers do not work
  • Occasional booting issues or sudden shut down
  • Some elusive CMOS error shows up during boot

There can be many different reasons for these errors. But if they appear together, you surely need to replace your laptop’s CMOS battery. 

How To Replace CMOS Battery?

The CMOS battery is usually accessible through the underside of a laptop. In some models, you can find the battery underneath the keyboard as well. Either way, the CMOS battery isn’t as easily accessible as the HDD/SDD or RAM of your laptop because it does not have its separate panel or door. However, if you are able to get access to the motherboard, the battery replacement will be pretty simple as you’ll just need to pop it out before putting in the replacement. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you don’t mess with the motherboard if you don’t know how to open it up and hire professionals like laptop repair oxford for the job. 

So, if your laptop is showing any of the signs listed above, go for a CMOS battery replacement right away. Your laptop may need a replacement pretty badly. 



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