Gmail can also run out of storage! Yes, it’s true. Gmail consolidates the data from Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. Even though, it warns you for a long time before the memory finally exhausts, once the memory is full, users won’t be able to receive any more email in their gmail accounts. Deleting mail is definitely not the only solution. You can clear your Google Drive and Google Photos unnecessary stuffs. You can also purchase space from the Google and expand your Google Drive storage. But still, if you want to delete large emails, that you feel is consuming unnecessary mails, then you can do it quite easily.

The following tutorial will help you delete large emails based on the size of the mails.

Steps To Delete Large Mails From Gmail with One Shot

1. Login to your Gmail account.

2. Now you will find a search panel just above your mails. Type the following command in the search panel

has:attachment larger:10m

select user

You can change the file size to other values. For example, if you want to delete the mails greater than 2 MB, then type has:attachment larger:2m

3. Now check the Select All box. Delete the mails in one shot.


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  1. I see no ‘select all’ box to check, and if I can’t figure this out soon, I reckon I’ll have to switch to another browser.


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