Deezer is one of the most popular and globally acclaimed music streaming websites which has over 35 million tracks, coupled with over 30 million radio stations. Whatever mood you are having, Deezer has song for every mood. The music service is right now planning for developing a Windows Universal App of the same.

Deezer all set to launch Universal Windows App

Deezer already has an app on the Windows Store for Windows devices but it has numerous bugs and the app doesn’t perform smoothly across desktop and mobile versions. The main problem occurs especially with the Flow feature.

Very soon, the company will release a Preview version for the app and it will first reach out to its Premium+ subscribers. Once the Windows Universal App arrives, it is expected to minimize the errors which occurs for cross platforms. It’s not yet clear if the service will offer any special features exclusively for Windows 10.

You can now register for Deezer Music Preview for Windows 10


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