Can You Track Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing?

can you track someone’s phone without them knowing? Yes, with spy apps it is possible. Spy apps provide you direct remote access to a smartphone, so that you can check each activity of the owner of the smartphone. Activity includes procuring a wide range of information, such as, information on the locations where the target user is travelling, calls he/she is making, every detail of chats and SMS he/she is sending or receiving, calls, browser activities app activities, social media activity, etc.

Are Spy apps legal?

As spy apps secretly extracts information from a device, it is not legal, if used without permission. If you are using for employees of your organization, then it is advised that you tell them, that they are being tracked. Tracking without permission or conscience may lead you to legal troubles. Except for Government emergency services, you are not allowed to track anyone secretly. However, many a times, parents might need to use spy app to track their children. This is entirely the user’s discretion. As a technical blog, we are not here to preach you. We will move forward to explaining the basics of a spy app.

The Big Question: Can you track someone’s phone without them knowing?

Yes, you can. With spy apps, you can gain control over a target smartphone. You have to create an account on the spy application website of your choice. Next, you need to install the application on the target device by following a number of steps. Sign in with the same login credential. Once done, you have to clear any sign of the download of the application from the target device. Now, you can check all the details of the target device, remotely from your own computer.

Review of uMobix Spy App:

There are a plethora of spy or tracking apps available in the market. uMobix is pretty new compared to many veteran and popular spy apps. However, I have used the application and found it quite useful. Before delving deep into the details of my experience with the app, let me tell you a bit about uMobix spy app.

Features of uMobix Spy App:

1. uMobix can track on real time, and fetch you real time information. This means, you can use this app in case of emergency. If you think you child is in danger and outside of home, the real time location tracking will give you leads.

2. uMobix tracking application is platform friendly, and is available for all major platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, iPad. The application can run on almost all valid versions of the operating systems mentioned here.

3. The app is easy to use and has a simple robust user interface, that any person can comprehend without any difficulty. The web dashboard, from where you will monitor, is designed very neatly and efficiently. The options are organized and arranged according to priority.

4. The application has keylogger feature, which logs keyboard information, whenever a key is pressed. So, you can get a detailed information about SMS, texts written, chats, etc.

5. The app can track a plethora of social media applications, such as, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Viber, Tinder, TikTok, Telegram, Wechat, Line, etc.

6. You can check the target device specification, battery percentage, call logs, call durations, contacts, etc.

How To Install and Use uMobix Application?

  1. First create an account on uMobix. You have to make the payment to get access of the application. Choose the target device operating system, your computer’s operating system before making the purchase.
  2. Next, take the target device, and open a web browser, like Google Chrome (if the target device is Android). Before that you have to prepare your device for setting up the application.
  3. Down the .APK file. As download completes, tap on Open to open the application.
  4. Next, tap on Install to initiate installation of the application. After installation is complete, tap on Open. uMobix application will launch.
  5. Agree with the terms and conditions, Enable keylogger tracking.
  6. Next, find and open Installed services or Accessibility Services.
  7. Next, open User Accounts. Toggle the slider to turn it on. Confirm giving permissions to user accounts, by tapping on OK.
  8. Tap on Setup Automatically and it is done.

To wipe away any trace of the download, clear history of the browser from the last hour. Clear the downloads. Now, you have to pair up the code on the Dashboard, with that on the target device.

This is how you can setup the entire process.



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