One of the internal Builds of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone version has showed up a new feature on the lockscreen- the camera button. This means you can open the camera app directly from the lockscreen without the requirement to unlock the phone. The operation of opening the application is done by holding the Camera button on the navigation bar on the lock screen for about a second or until you feel a vibration and the Camera App opens.

Camera button on lock screen coming in Windows 10 Mobile Redstone

This feature will not be that useful for users have Windows Phones with dedicated camera button. Windows Phones that rely on on-screen toggles are the ones that will be benefited from the feature. However, currently the feature is not customizable but it’s expected that the feature will be improved and customization options will be added as soon as Windows 10 Mobile Redstone gets finalized.

The image above, shows the camera icon on the lock-screen in Windows 10 Mobile. The next update for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone will roll out next week and the camera button on lockscreen is expected to show up with that update. No update has been released this week owing to a severe bug related to cellular connections. The upcoming Insider has got the bug fixed and the update will be made available to the Insiders by next week.


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