Today, all people are under surveillance. We are watched not only by advertising agencies, our bosses, friends and loved ones but also by government and detractors. The easiest way to spy is via the Internet.
After all, it is there everyone can find a large amount of information about a particular person. However, you probably don’t want your data and Internet movements will be in the public access.
Therefore, we have prepared for you the top of the best privacy tools that you need to start using now and protect yourself from threats and surveillance.

Choose your best privacy tools!


Utopia is a closed decentralized ecosystem that provides users with a high degree of data protection and privacy. It is built on peer-to-peer architecture and does not use a single server for data storage. Instead, it creates a separate server for each user. Also, it uses complex, sophisticated data encryption method that is built on the Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. This encryption ensures data security and protection.

Utopia is a treasure house of functionality. It includes: 

  • uMesseneger – a messenger for sending and receiving encrypted messages; 
  • uMail – an email that transfers confidential information from user to user; 
  • Idyll Browser – an anonymous browser that is based on uNS technology and includes all the necessary sites for users; 
  • uWallet – an electronic wallet that stores the system’s cryptocurrency – cryptons that can be used in financial transactions on the network.

Andy Browser

It is an ultra-secure Internet browser built on the Chromium platform. It uses the “onion routing” of the Tor project. In the new Andy Browser, the developer added several new functionalities, and also updated the Chromium project. Now it is available to use file downloads via torrents.

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is a specialized safety product designed primarily for IT professionals, web developers, designers, and other employees of similar professions. Support for extensions from the Chrome store is provided. The developer promises to integrate the browser with Linux in the future. One of the features is the ability to display tabs in different color variations. uses a special encryption system to prevent a third party, including an Internet service provider or government, from intercepting forwarded messages. Basic functionality (including protection from surveillance) will be available to all users, and some additional features, such as image sharing, will only be available in the paid version.

Maxthon Cloud

Maxthon Cloud is a web browser that runs on all popular operating systems, including mobile ones. It allows you to access the Internet from almost any device, while there is a possibility of synchronization between all possible gadgets. The browser is quite modern and very convenient to use. The browser’s functionality is based on the Blink browser engine.

SJ Messenger

SJ Messenger is a Russian development for privacy. The app name stands for Safe Jabber. The application transmits data over the XMPP Protocol, and OSCAR support is also implemented (the same as in ICQ). In this case, it encrypts all transmitted information according to the OpenPGP, SraeTTLS, and SSL standards.

It supports the creation of mass mailings. You can save an encrypted history of correspondence. It is possible to send files that can only be accessed with a special password.


ZipZap is a free browser that provides secure Internet access for the whole family. It is based on the chromium source code, so you can safely consider this browser to be quite reliable, functional and productive. The developers focused on the safety of children’s use through parental control. It is possible to allow or prohibit certain functions, such as blocking unwanted material, restricting or excluding access to adult content.

Be under reliable control! Choose the best Internet assistant and enjoy the Internet life!



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