Best iTunes Alternatives For PC in 2021

Remember the good old times? When there wasn’t much of a struggle to organize and manage your files manually because iTunes did it for you. Yes, good old times!

iTunes was the go-to software, but Apple has decided to ditch it with the macOS Catalina update. 

Everything iTunes did, has now been split into three parts: Apple TV, Apple Music, and Podcast, which caused an added hassle to users while managing their music libraries and other data.

If you’ve been wasting your time browsing all around the web to find a suitable iTunes alternative for PC for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best iTunes alternatives for you!

Let’s begin!

1. WALTR 2

What do we all look for in an alternative to iTunes? A software that avoids every hassle and annoyance that you had to face in iTunes! We want simple rather than complex, easy-to-operate yet powerful enough to transfer your large files in seconds, and for software to take care of the things, iTunes always tend to leave out, right? The answer to all of our wishes might just be WALTR 2. 

Apart from being the best alternative to iTunes for all the basic things it provided, WALTR 2 offers even more! We know Apple claims to keep things minimal and clean, but iTunes was a nightmare to operate for a newcomer. Whereas that’s not the case with WALTR 2, it has a simple interface with easy options that anyone can navigate around!

Transferring large files hasn’t been this easy before, just drag and drop, and you’re good to go; it works like a charm!

Also, when you are transferring a file to your iPhone, but it isn’t iOS supported, you might be used to not having a way to get it on your iPhone. Luckily, WALTR 2 proves to be a handy converter in this situation! 

Whether it’s a picture, audio file, podcast, or even a movie – just drop it over the landing spot, and voila! WALTR 2 will automatically convert the file to make it iOS compatible for you.

And you know what the best part about that is? Whenever you transfer videos or photos or any type of file to your iPhone, you’re going to find them in the relevant native app, i.e., photos, videos, music, etc. Thus, making the converted files easy to find! 

No more of a fuss in finding your files in the bulk of data! Honestly – it’s a dream come true for iOS users! 

WALTR 2 is well-known for its fast file transfers; with its quick wifi connectivity, once you open WALTR 2, it immediately searches for IOS devices on the same Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to its fast connectivity, it only takes a few seconds to connect and instantly transfer files without ever connecting it with a USB!

The wide range of file support in WALTR 2 is exceptional; it can support any file you toss at it! No matter what format, just plug in your USB or connect through wifi and get it done. The Automatic Content Recognition can recognize any file format and make it usable for any of your Apple devices. Indeed, WALTR 2 is a complete package for Apple users!

Lastly, one of the extra features of WALTR 2, which iPhone users have long wished for, is Custom Ringtone Maker

Keeping up with the same old built-in ringtones is indeed disappointing. With WALTR 2, just browse the internet and pick any ringtone! It could be your favorite part of any song or a famous dialogue from your favorite movie. 

Then, just drop it over to your iOS device; just like everything else, you’re going to find them in the native app, which in this case, would be the “sounds” settings!

Suppose you are looking for an alternative better than iTunes. A program that could move your files between your PC and iOS Devices or manage your stuff without any hitch and more – Our top recommendation is WALTR 2! It is the ideal software for you! 

WALTR 2 costs $40.00, but you can buy the software for 35.99$ on pre-order!


  • Clean and facile interface.
  • A built-in file converter 
  • Ringtone maker
  • It supports a wide range of file types.


  • Pretty much none!

2. Wondershare TunesGo

Number 2 on our list is – Wondershare.

It is a software company with some famous software like Filmora, TunesGo, DVD Slideshow maker, and various other software. 

From its renowned maker, we can get an idea of how well TunesGo can perform.

TunesGo has always served as a solution for users who transfer data and sync the devices with each other. Not only limited to moving music, but you can also even download, manage, and enjoy your favorite music in TunesGo!

Transferring files between IOS devices and android devices can be bothersome, and iTunes can’t do it as we all know it! Fortunately, this alternative of iTunes supports transferring files from Android to IOS Devices and vice versa.

There is no need for laggy shady apps to get this done; just download TunesGo and get it done instantly!

Although we have to mention here that it doesn’t support wireless connectivity, you need to keep your data cable with you all the time; which could be a downside of TunesGo.

However, the application comes with a refined and easy interface, nothing knotty or time-consuming; as soon as you open the application, everything is right in front of you, ready to be managed!

Here are the details to get TunesGo:

The plan for iOS devices costs $39.95, whereas, for The Android manager, the price is $29.95. However, if you want to buy a manager for both Android and iDevices, go for the TunesGo suite, which costs $49.95. 

You can buy it from the Tunesgo website.


  • Simple UI and easy transfers.
  • Transformation of files between all platforms with no limitations!
  • There is no trouble in the management of the files.


No wireless connectivity.

Relatively expensive than its competitors. Especially as compared to WALTR PRO (Our Favourite!)

3. MusicBee

Next comes MusicBee on our list!

It is a free creative music player which lets you organize the bulk of your music collection; though the player doesn’t work well with large files, it does the job! 

MusicBee comes with several different features, from sound enhancements to customizable skins

MusicBee also helps to enhance the sound quality; with the help of its 15 band equalizers, it can fine-tune music of any kind. Unfortunately, although it needs to be improved and stabilized, having many heavy features can sometimes cause it to be extremely buggy.

If your music collection is cluttered, MusicBee intelligently scrapes data from various sources to fill any missing information in the files you play, i.e., tags and artworks. 

Suppose you appreciate new colors and skins, good for you because MusicBee lets you customize the skins and colors of a music player in any way you fancy. You can customize your music player’s skin from various plug-ins. So apply whatever skin suits your mood!


  • Free of cost.
  • Variety of features.
  • Tune enhancements.


  • Complex to use.
  • Extra buggy at times.
  • It sometimes lags due to tons of features.

4. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a powerful media manager for Windows that can manage your big files and be an alternative for iTunes

You can sync your devices and transfer your files from Android and iOS devices to your PC or vice versa. Although syncing with Android devices isn’t a breeze and it needs to be improved.

MonkeyMedia is designed to process almost all types of data. No matter how big the size of the data you toss in its way. Although in some cases where a song is a part of multiple different albums, or there’s a re-release with small swaps (such as bonus songs, track numbers, etc.), MonkeyMedia sometimes can malfunction and put wrong titles to songs based on their track number. Even Though It’s a minor issue, it needs to be sorted out asap as it’s confusing for users.

MediaMonkey is not limited to just being a media organizer. In addition, it is a digital media player. So, when you’re listening to your favorite tunes, you can simply equalize the volume throughout the tracks to your liking, making them more enjoyable. Also, Mediamonkey can practically grab files from any source; whether they are kept locally or streamed on an online platform effortlessly, you are just one search away! 

The MediaMonkey interface is similar to iTunes. However, the text is compact and looks denser than iTunes. Yet this flaw can easily be ignored.

MediaMonkey plans:

You can also unlock most of its premium feature through its paid version-

Version 5 Gold costs $24.95 in which you can unlock Gold functionality for all 5.x upgrades.

Lifetime Gold costs $49.95 in which you can unlock Gold functionality for all future upgrades. 


  • Can manage and organize any size data easily.
  • It finds relevant files from a variety of sources.
  • Let us convert audio and video files.


  • Text-heavy UI.
  • It can be buggy sometimes.
  • Expensive.

5. WinX MediaTrans

Last but not least – WinX MediaTrans.

Suppose you’re a Windows user looking for a legit iTunes alternative that is more stable and doesn’t crash or freeze frequently. In that case, Winx MediaTrans can be a savior for you! 

WinX MediaTrans features a decent interface easy for anybody to use, nothing complex that would give you a hard time.

It is a sturdy software – with several useful features like Music Manager, Photo Transfer, Built-in video converter, and Ringtone Maker

You can quickly transfer your photos from your iOS device to your PC and even sync music between Windows and iOS Devices

Furthermore, it can help you export/import your video files between your PC and iOS devices. The best thing about this part is that it will convert unsupported video files into iOS-compatible formats! No need to look for a third-party converter to do this for you.

WinX MediaTrans is free software. However, you can also buy the paid one with extra features that often come with special discounts for its buyers. So you can also get the edge! More information on their Official Website.


  • Fast transfer from iOS devices and Android devices to PC.
  • Converts unsupported files and makes them iOS compatible. 
  • Easy-to-use. 


  • You can’t transfer contacts, notes, and so on until the latest update.
  • Requires iTunes files on your PC.

Let us conclude

Yes, it would’ve been nerve-racking to find the right iTunes alternative as every individual has their taste. Some like Feature-rich media software and some lightweight plus easy-to-operate. 

No need to waste your time and efforts on downloading random apps and checking them. Just go through the descriptions of each of the software we’ve mentioned above. Chances are, you’ll find one that’s perfect for your needs! 

Talk about our recommendation? WALTR 2 is our favorite iTunes replacement; one wouldn’t want to switch to any other program when WALTR PRO can be a complete package!


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