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One of the most annoying things about using the Internet has to do with ads. Anyone who uses the Internet regularly knows how frustrating it can be when you try to find something online only to be forced to waste time viewing advertisements that you don’t need. Usually, these ads are as a result of adware. Adware can be understood as any software designed to display advertisements. The software’s goal is to generate revenue for its owner.

But time wasting is not the only disadvantage that adware subject you to; the software can track your activities from one website to another in a bid to gather as much data as possible about your browsing behavior. Adware can also be used to spread malware. Therefore, adware put your online security and privacy at risk. Below are some of the ways through which you can protect yourself from adware.


There are several webs browsers that come with inbuilt ad blocking software. Such browsers include Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, among others. Therefore, by accessing the Internet through such a browser, you can stay away from some adware. Unfortunately, people who design adware know this fact, and therefore, they are always finding ways to get around these kinds of ad blockers. Thus, although some of these ad blockers are pretty effective, their effectiveness is substantially limited compared to their third-party counterparts.

VPNs with Ad Blockers

Some VPNs comes come with built-in ad blocking software. Even without the ad blocking feature, VPN generally protects you from software designed to track your online activities. Therefore, when you have a VPN with a built-in ad blocking future, the adware will find it really hard to get on your way to ad-free browsing. If you are choosing a vpn, make sure to find

Browser Extensions

There are many browser extensions designed to protect you from adware when browsing. There are both paid and free options available for most web browsers. Some of the most popular ones include Adblock, AdLock, and AdBlock Plus. Although these third-party extensions are not perfect, they come with a number of benefits. For instance, unlike ad blockers that come with browsers, these extensions have features that enable you to customize your experience.


Overall, it is apparent that adware can be quite a nuisance when browsing without the necessary protection. Other than slowing down your browsing experience, the adware can be used to spread malware. Therefore, if you come across ads that significantly affect your browsing experience, you should know that you might be at risk of malware attacks. Consequently, it is wise to find an amicable solution to adware. Some of the solutions include using browsers with built-in ad blocking software (Blokt has a nice browser list), using a VPN with ad-blocking features, and using browser extension ad blockers. You can also combine two or more of these solutions just to enhance your browsing experience and ensure your cyber security and privacy.


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