News update for Acer fans! In an event held by Acer in New York tons of new products were unveiled! However, with this event it goes on to show that the PC maker company has adopted the market and have spread its hands in Smart Phones and Smart devices with variety of new exciting device to offer. There is lot of buzz around its Smart phones and its PCs, but its new lines of wearable or to be precise, a fitness tracker is the device to watch out for!

Leap Curve and Leap Fit

Acer have exposed two new fitness focus wristbands Leap Curve, and Leap Fit. The Leap Curve features a curved OLED display that is limited to show black and white colors only to maximize battery life, and is also packed with an optical heart sensor and a gold-plated galvanic skin sensor which would together measure your stress levels. Tapping twice on the screen turns it on, and you can check the usual types of notifications. Combined, they should be able to measure your stress levels, even sending you a quick notification if you become too stressed out. The Leap Fit on the other hand is similar to Curve except that it offers curved display! The Liquid Leap Fit features a 1-inch touchscreen, waterproof design, optical heart rate sensor, and gold-plated sensors that can read galvanic skin response. Using a combination of all those, the Leap Fit will provide users with a “stress index.” The bands are also interchangeable. Both devices run on the company’s own software, with cross-platform support for iOS, Android and Windows.
It’s unclear when or when these devices will be launched. According to Technobuffalo, the new wearable is still in production and will launch in late spring or early summer this year for a little over $100. So not bad for fitness tracker under $100?? Let’s wait and check it out!


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