A Guide to Troubleshooting the Most Common VoIP Problems
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When you install a VoIP system for your business or call center, then your end goal is to speed things up and make your business more efficient. However, when a VoIP starts malfunctioning, it can be frustrating. Not only it sets you back, but instead of saving time, it starts consuming more. It’s recommended that one should always look for the best voip service for business in town. When you have chosen the right service for your business, the chances of malfunctions reduces significantly. However, problems cannot be avoided all the time, and sometimes you will end up facing some unavoidable issues. In this article, I have mentioned a few of the most common VoIP problems and how you can solve them quickly.

Distorted Voice

One of the most common problems you will face using VoIP systems is a choppy voice. Sometime in between calls, you will start losing the customer as the sound becomes distorted. It happens when there is an extra burden on your internet connection, or a particular app is consuming most of the bandwidth. You can avoid that by switching off all the other computers connected to the network. Ensure that employees don’t stream websites or download anything that doesn’t pertain to work. Check the QoS on the router and make sure that the priority is given to your VoIP system. Also, run a virus check on your computer as well to be on the safer side.

Delay in Audio

Delay in the audios or echoing on the phone can also be extremely frustrating. Sometimes you listen to your voice back repeatedly, and sometimes you are getting delayed feedback. This is one of those problems that can be solved quickly. The reasons behind that could be a lousy earpiece, try replacing yours as it might resolve the concern. Another reason behind this malfunction is electromagnetic interference, which can be caused by the hardware of the VoIP itself. If you have called ID devices, or splitters installed then try disconnecting them as they could also be the reason behind it. Slow internet speed and inadequate equipment are also one of the most common reasons behind this issue. If you’re wondering what is the best voip service for small business, try finding more information via research.

Frequent Call Drops

Another issue you can face is consistent call drops, and if you are running a call center, this can be extremely frustrating. This happens because either your equipment is not up to the standards or you have a terrible internet connection. First of all, you need to monitor your internet speed and check if bandwidths are dropping during a particular time in the day. If that is the case, you must consider changing your internet provider. Apart from that, set the VoIP system on priority on your router’s QoS settings. In some cases, the issue could be with the phones, so if you have a spare one around, try checking that out. 

Router Issues

Sometimes the issue is not with your VoIP system, earphones, or phones. The issue could be with your internet router as well. A faulty router can cause all kinds of problems like distorted calls, abrupt drops, and call failures. Check what type of router model you are using; if it is an old one, then it is recommended that you get the latest router. If your businesses have expanded recently, then you might have to replace your router, because a lot of routers only support small business and can start lagging with more burden.


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