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In this article, we shall provide you a complete list of the File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10. File Explorer or Windows Explorer is the one-stop destination on Windows 10 device, from where you can reach to any location, any files. There are some Quick Access items, some Desktop items, and the drives which contain all your program files and data files. File Explorer gets replenished with different versions of Windows.

File Explorer is the most used space in Windows 10. Whatever work we do, we cannot ignore its utility. Hence, it is always good to know certain keyboard shortcuts for extra convenience.

Alt+D   Select the address bar
  Ctrl+E   Select the search box
  Ctrl+F   Select the search box
  Ctrl+N   Open a new window
  Ctrl+W   Close the current window
Ctrl+mouse scroll wheelChange the size and appearance of file and folder icon
Ctrl+Shift+E Display all folders above the selected folder
Ctrl+Shift+N Create a new folder
Num Lock+asterisk (*) Display all sub-folders under the selected folder
Num Lock+plus (+) Display the contents of the selected folder
Num Lock+minus (-) Collapse the selected folder
  Alt+P Display the preview pane
  Alt+Enter Open the Properties dialog box for the selected item
Alt+Right arrow View the next folder
 Alt+Up arrow   View the folder that the folder was in
Alt+Left arrow   View the previous folder
  Backspace   View the previous folder
  Right arrow   Display the current selection (if it’s collapsed), or select the first sub-folder
  Left arrow   Collapse the current selection (if it’s expanded), or select the folder that the folder was in
  End   Display the bottom of the active window
  Home   Display the top of the active window
  F11   Maximize or minimize the active window

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  1. Do you know why the commands CTRL + SHIFT + 1 (. . . 2, . . . 3, etc.) don’t work any longer in File Explorer under Windows 10? They used to toggle between different views and are much easier than CTRL + mouse wheel.


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