Students have to do loads of mental work. Sometimes even more than the average adult. However, despite the young age, they too can have problems with poor memory and getting distracted. Because of the everyday mental workload, they may struggle to remember new information. These students keep making typos and misspelling words in their college essays. As a result, they can lose productivity and even motivation to study. 

That’s why it’s so important to invest time in your cognition development. This article collected seven websites to train your cognitive skills, such as memory, concentration, and even creativity. 

All of these skills will allow you to be a successful student. However, your student essays could still need a fresh perspective. You can always use a proofread my paper service that will help you make sure your writing is polished to perfection. You can focus on deadlines and education itself instead of being worried about minor technical errors. Use the time you save to fine-tune your cognition.   

  1. Brain gym for your cognitive muscles.

There are plenty of websites that are designed to train your brain in a game format. BrainGymmer is one of them. It calls itself an online gym for the brain. This program and its mobile version make it easy for everyone to exercise. Instead of mindlessly scrolling your Instagram, you can spend your time productively – training your mind. 

You can find different games for improving five primary cognitive skills (memory, attention, thinking speed, perception, and logical reasoning). Just a few minutes of such training a day, and you will notice a difference. Get your mind in shape with a simple everyday ‘cognitive workout’. 

  1. Lumosity for the bright minds.

Lumosity is a web application that provides various scientifically designed games that aim to improve memory and concentration. This program focuses on enhancing your speed of processing and problem-solving skills. Lumosity is also available as a mobile app so that you can train your cognition anywhere. 

It’s a very convenient website because it can help you define what exactly we would like to improve. For example, in the memory category, you can choose to practice remembering names and surnames. You also can set a more extended focus on essential tasks and increase productivity if you want to try something different out. 

  1. Elevate. Train your brain like any part of the body.

In 2014 Elevate was recognized as the best application of the year by Apple. The creators claim that regular use of the application will train your brain like you train your muscles. The software consists of a set of mini-games and many logical tasks. 

The authors promise that by doing the personalized exercises, you will develop not only concentration or memory. It will help you to be more effective in writing, reading, listening, and speaking. For you to see the first results, you should regularly exercise at least four times a week.

  1. Memrise. Learn a language and become more intelligent.

It’s not a secret that language learning develops your cognitive abilities. It is a brilliant way to practice being systematic and try something new. For such an occasion, you can use a self-study program for learning called Memrise.

This application allows you to remember new words or definitions with the help of mnemonic techniques. Gamification of this app and notifications will motivate you to train regularly, introducing new vocabulary step by step. 

  1. Braingle. Every brain treasure in one place.

Braingle is another website with puzzles and brain teasers. Here you can find an enormous amount of time killers. You can also attempt to solve different thematic quizzes and games on this website, filling in your knowledge gaps. And if that’s not enough – you can even create your puzzles to test others.  

Among other games, you can find an online version of Sudoku. This game was invented by medieval mathematicians and has become extremely popular nowadays. Solving Sudoku from time to time positively affects your concentration. It teaches you to think strategically while training your memory.

  1. Crosswords are not only for grandparents.

Crosswords are considered to be old-fashioned and boring. You probably don’t see a lot of young people who do crosswords in the parks. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent tool for fine-tuning your cognition. And fortunately, now you can do it online. This brain trainer is not only a way to relax. It helps you to improve your concentration as well.

Apart from that, by doing crossword puzzles, you extend your vocabulary and train your memory. You will thank yourself for it when you get older as it can help you reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

  1. Make your brain young again.

In case you still don’t want to do crossword puzzles because you think you are too young for this stuff, you can use Free Brain Age. This website allows you to measure your brain age. To do it, you should do a few exercises. Based on your results, the program will also suggest what you should do to keep it functioning. 

Another exciting feature of this website is that you can share your results with others. Moreover, you can challenge your friend to pass the test. Sometimes some competition motivates better than anything else.


Brain fitness not only makes you the best version of yourself. There are a lot of benefits of such a cognitive sport. One of them is that it makes you an excellent student. Mental exercises are essential to keep your intellect in shape or to improve its performance. Thanks to it, you will be able to think faster, remember better and process any information you need without a problem.  

We advise you to try at least some of the mentioned websites. Even if you train just once a week, it will help you to achieve better results in your studies.


Happiness is that best therapy. Use it to heal yourself and then others!


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