Download Manager is a software program which deals with or manages the whole task of downloading any definite item from the internet. It behaves as an accelerator which raises your downloading speed up to 5 times than the usual speed. It has pre-built error recuperation feature with potentiality to restart the breached downloads because of network failures. Download manager has the characteristic to discover the incoming file kind which it automatically sorts and insert them in the correct folder.

You Tube Downloader is a free download management software which assists you in downloading videos from YouTube, Google, and several other websites. It permits you to change the downloaded videos to other known formats as well as for cell phone, i-pod, iPhone, MP3 etc. This program is very simple for usage; you just have to discover the link from where you require downloading the video. Just copy the URL of video page and click to open you tube downloader, it will then paste the copied link at the right place by its own, then you have to select the download quality and the appropriate folder and click the download button.

2. DownThemAll (FireFox extension)

Mighty download manager DownThemAll can queue, batch, pause, resume, and detect and download a certain file type linked on any web page by itself. Once you’ve used downthemall, you’ll never ever switch back to Firefox’s default Downloads dialog.

3. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a fresh generation web downloading manager which raises your downloading speed by 5 times. It gives you a downloading experience much easier and faster with its power packed characteristics such as it is very alight and small in size; tag characteristics deals with download files; downloads music, video and streaming media; backs up RapidShare download; has pause and resume feature; browser integrating with firefox, internet explorer, opera and maxthon; also possesses metalink download and many more features.

4. UnPlugP(Firefox extension)

Watched the video, music, or images on a web page that you want to possess instantly? The UnPlug Firefox extension includes a small smiling fish to your web pages that “unplugs” engrafted objects for your downloading delight. Click on the fish (or go to Tools -> UnPlug), to absorb down media files available on that web page.

5. InstallPad

So you’re assembling still another PC, and you’re tired of manually clicking on around the inter-webs to download and install all your mandatory software but that’s not essential any more. Desktop services like InstallPad and AppSnap automatize the software download process, by allowing you assemble a listing of downloads in single and seizing the newer versions for you. InstallPad is a pretty simpler to use than AppSnap.

6. Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube downloader is a package download manager along with it you can download and save any kind of YouTube videos and view it later on. This program backs up numerous formats, so you can view your videos in any one of the supported formats, for example AVI, MP3, MP4, FLV, MPEG, DIVX, MOV, PSP etc. This tool can be easily installed and utilized to watch videos offline in seeable formats.


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