In this day and age, finding the best piece of electronic equipment is crucial- especially when it comes to smart-phones. After all, if you aren’t rocking the latest gadget then you simply aren’t up to date. But when it comes time to choose between a Windows Phone 8 and an Android, which do you choose? They both have their own extensive list of benefits, but here are 5 reasons why the Windows Phone 8 is better than the Android software.

Windows Phone 8

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1. Faster

If you have ever used an Android device or know anyone who has worked with this type of software, you might be familiar with the complaint of lagging. The Android has a tendency to lag when too many applications are open. Who wants a slow phone? Nobody! That is why the Windows Phone 8 may be the better option. The Windows Phone 8 is made with a highly sustainable operating system that can handle plenty of applications without lagging.

2. Contact Integration

Android is a bit shabby when it comes to connecting your contacts with social media devices. In fact, I’ve had such a difficult time with it personally that I’ve given up syncing my contacts altogether. However, with the Windows Phone 8 you can have a tightly knit weave between your contacts and social networking sites without the hassle.

3. Updates

With Android devices you may find yourself in a constant doubt as to whether or not you’ll receive the latest updates. However, when you decide on the Windows Phone 8 instead of the Android you can rest assured your device will always be notified when new updates are available. This means you can be positive your phone is always up-to-date with the latest software and specialties.

4. No Connection for Maps

There have been plenty of times where I’ve been driving to a new destination, using the application “Maps” as my guide. I’d run into a dead zone and completely lose signal, thus “Maps” would turn off. Needless to say, I found myself stranded or going in the wrong direction numerous times. This brings us to the next benefit of buying a Windows Phone 8: You don’t have to have connection to get directions to your destination. So incredibly useful in a number of ways, with the aversion of getting stranded being number 1.

5. Free Microsoft Word

As a writer, I can come up with some really nifty stuff in my head. And when these ideas pop into my head, I immediately want to jot them down in Word. However, most of these ideas come about when I’m away from my computer. With an Android phone, I wouldn’t be able to write down these great ideas as the only program for text has to be downloaded (and the application you download is not great- at all). With Windows Phone 8? No worries- Microsoft Word is included.

There are a lot of reasons why the Windows Phone 8 software beats the competition, but you will have to see it for yourself to get the full idea.

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  1. As much as I like WP8 and I wouldn’t exchange it for either Android nor iPhone, I have to admit that your list is not perfect.
    The first and most important thing I cannot agree is the point about updates. Of course you will receive a notification. If you receive it at all. So far while having WP7 I installed all updates but one using a “disconnection” trick because my phone was never eligible to receive any updates. Now, that I have Lumia 920 I’ve been waiting for the past two months to receive GDR2 and Amber and nothing. I’m in the same position as probably most users of those phones in the world. Theoretical notifications are nice but not if you simply don’t get any updates whatsoever.
    Second, the Word thing. I agree, it’s an awesome feature and I use it a lot. However… honestly, if you want to just write down your thoughts Android has lots of alternatives and I don’t think any user would actually notice any difference.
    That being said, I think WP8 is far superior in terms of simplicity. At least for people who never used a smartphone. For previous users of android or iphone it might seem a little bit unintuitive. And most features are easy to find, whereas in android it can be a pain in the ass to find some basic functions.


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