RSS is the acronym for Rich Site Summary, RSS formerly called RDF Site Summary is a type of web feed which enables users to access online web content in a standard simple computer readable format. Users can keep an account of their required data and updates in a single news aggregator. The news aggregator will automatically scan the RSS feed for new content. Then the content will be passed on automatically from website to website. This passing of content is called web syndication. RSS feeds are usually used for publishing frequently updated information, blog entries, news headlines, audio, video.


Feed Demon is one of the most popular RSS Readers for Windows operating system. Unlike other RSS readers which bears the same appearance as those of the decade old softwares, this application is fresh with a modern user interface and functionality. FeedDemon RSS Reader enables you to tag articles for quick search later, monitors keywords for you. If the keywords claims appear in any new publication, they will appear in your RSS feed and will download the content in any supported media.


RSS Central has a much coveted user interface in terms of design, presence and functionality. RSS Central enables you to load a webpage in its entirety along with the formatting and editing.
Nedt, open it. RSS Central features Atom and RDF news feeds. It also showcases a quick multi-download system that brings your subscribed feeds together almost instantly. The app comes with article search tools, a read/unread status toggle and email sharing options.


RSS Readers for Windows 10

Again, this is an application that has a beautiful and clean UI and design. The app is available on Windows Store. Ready is genuinely embedded in the Windows eco-system and thus using the app is so easy. This means if you put constraint on the bandwidth and meter the connection, the app will refresh content only if you refresh it manually. The content of the applications can be accessed in a separate display but in the same app.


RSS Readers for Windows 10

Fedora Reader is an RSS adds a layer of simplicity to RSS reader application by mitigating unnecessary clutter.


RSS Readers for Windows 10

This RSS reader can load snippets from web pages and requires clicking “Read Now” to load the full page. Because of this load times are almost instant, making browsing quite efficient. Though if you prefer reading all entries in your subscribed feed, you will have to load every post which might be a deal breaker. Additionally you can share any posts instantly on Twitter and Facebook from within the app.


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