A lot of hard work goes into making a successful mobile or desktop application. The first decision you need to make regarding your app is what marketplace you want to release it on.

For years, developers have chosen the Windows Store to sell their programs on due to how innovative and easy to use it is. The Windows Store has nearly 700,000 apps on their marketplace, which means you will have to find a way to create a competitive edge.

The following are some of the things you need to focus on when trying to make your app popular on the Windows Store.

1. Adequately Test the App Before Release

Some newcomers to the world of app development get so anxious to get their program in the hands of consumers that they skip over some very important steps. Before putting your app on the Windows Store, you need to make sure it is both reliable and easy to use. The best way to find any issues that may exist with your app is by beta testing it.

Putting your app in the hands of a few consumers before launch will give you a unique perspective as to how they interact with it. If these consumers report problems with the app, you need to work hard to address them.

Once the beta tests are completed, you need to use Windows event log monitoring software to stay up to speed on any problems that are popping up. Failing to closely monitor your app will only lead to it getting a bad reputation.

2. Think About Targeting Desktop Users

With all of the buzz around mobile apps, it is easy for a developer to lose sight of what a desktop user may want. Some companies completely ignore desktop users, which usually comes back around to bite them. If you are looking for a way to create a competitive edge for your new app, you should think about targeting desktop users.

The United States has over 290 million Internet users and many of them use desktops to access online apps and websites. Instead of ignoring this large portion of the app market, you need to design programs specifically to fit their needs.

3. Work on Getting Featured on the Windows Store

Each month, the team at Microsoft compiles a list of featured apps for people using the Windows Store. Getting on this list can make your app wildly successful and will open you up to a new audience. Many companies have reported an increase of 50,000 downloads after being featured on this list.

The best way to get on this list is by promoting your app well before its release. Often times, the apps on this list will have a buzz around them, which is what catches the attention of the Microsoft team. While it will take a lot of hard work to get your app on this list, it is definitely worth the effort.

4. Free to Use Apps are Extremely Popular

In some cases, charging for a mobile app or game on the Windows Store can create problems. Most people use this marketplace due to the wide range of free programs to download. If you are looking for a way to increase the number of downloads your app gets, making it free is probably a good idea.

As your app grows in popularity on the Windows Store, you can start to put in ads to make some revenue. You can also create in-app purchases aimed at enhancing the consumer’s experience.

Generally, having success on the Windows Store will be a long and tedious process. Constantly re-inventing and optimizing your apps is the best way to attract positive attention.



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