3 Simple Steps That Will Help You During Your Preparation for Microsoft AZ-900 Exam with Practice Tests

The credentials have become very important for the IT specialists because they show their determination towards their career. They also validate the individuals’ skills in a certain area, and this helps them excel in their careers. The organizations are always willing to hire the certified professionals because they are much more dependable. Having them on the team is also good for the reputation of any company. This is why they prefer to pay the certificate holders a much higher salary as compared to the non-certified candidates.

There is no doubt that Microsoft AZ-103 – 70-778 – 70-410 – 70-764 – 70-741 – 70-742 VCE Testking Braindumps is one of the biggest tech organizations in the world. It has been responsible for producing some of the most groundbreaking technologies and shows no sign of stopping. Another venture that this company is famous for is its certification program.Microsoft offers numerous credentials that have proven to give benefit tomany IT professionals.And Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is one of them. To earn this certificate, you need to take only one exam – Microsoft AZ-900.In this article, we will talk about this test in a bit more detail.

Are you an ideal candidate for the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

Microsoft Azure can become quite complicated, especially if you are using it on an enterprise level. There are many problems that can occur, and it takes a special kind of skill to handle these issues. If you are thinking about going for Certbolt Microsoft AZ-900, you need to have a basic understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform and should be familiar with its interface. This test is designed specifically for those individuals who have some ground-level knowledge related to Cloud services. Technical expertise is not required, however, having this knowledge can be beneficial.

What do you need to know about the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

Azure is one of the most popular technologies in the professional space. So, if you are someone who often uses this technology, you have to take Microsoft AZ-900. You will need to demonstrate a certain skill level if you want to cross the finish line. There are a few basic things that you should know about this exam starting with the number of questions. This certification test consists of 40 to 60 questions, and the candidates will have to attempt them within 60 minutes. The passing score is 700 but it will be helpful if you get it higher than this passing minimum.The topics that you need to learn covers the following:

  • Core Azure Services;
  • Azure Pricing and Support;
  • Compliance, Privacy, Trust, and Security;
  • Cloud Concepts.

Some questions in the exam can take a while to answer, and if you don’t have the information on your fingertips, this can become a real challenge. That is why time management is such an important part of Microsoft AZ-900. To deal with all the questions in time, you should save the difficult ones for the last 30 minutes.Before that, start with the easier questions.These techniques will help you complete all the questions faster and with higher results. But this is not the only method that you should use;there are many aspects that you should know.

How can you efficiently prepare for the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

The first thing you should do is create a study plan. To develop it, you need to schedule a date when you are going to take Microsoft AZ-900, get all the resources that you need, and take a calendar with a notebook.

  1. Choose Pearson VUE or Certiport from the exam page to apply for Microsoft AZ-900 but don’t close it. After setting a day, you can go for two ways of preparation that the company offers: free self-paced online training or an instructor-led course. Add them to your plan and decide when you will prepare with their help and how much time you will need forthem.
  2. We recommend that you visit the Exam-labswebsite to get some other types of resources. This is a great platform to use, especially when you are gearing up for this certification exam. One of the biggest advantages of using this site is that it saves you a lot of precious time. You don’t need to surf the Internet in search of updated study materials, Exam-labs has got your back. You can purchase the premium bundle for Microsoft AZ-900 that costs you only $59.99but comes with a whole package of useful tools.You will get a training course with 21 lectures, a study guide with 425 pages, and 186 practice questions with answers. You should use all these resources to prepare for your test to maximize your score.
  3. If you want to use other tools, you can still use Exam-labs to get some free exam dumps. You can download them in the .ETE format and get access to them with the help ofthe testing engine. With this type of preparation, you can know for sure where you stand and which level of knowledge you have. At the end of each practice test, you can see your score and you should strive to maximize it.

You can also search for some other resources on Exam-Labs or ExamSnap to increase your chance of success.


Microsoft is known for the quality of its products and how widely they are accepted in the IT world. One of them is Microsoft Azure, and it has become one of the most used Cloud services. There are many organizations that use and depend on it, for this reason, these companies need the qualified professionals who know how to handle Microsoft Azure.This is where the certified specialists come on the stage. They know every single detail about Microsoft technologies and are fully capable of handling any kind of problem that may arise.If you want to build your career in Cloud computing, it is recommended that you take the Microsoft AZ-900 exam and obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals credential. After getting your badge, you can go further and try for higher levels.


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