Although even not that long ago, it was theorized that AI wouldn’t be able to perform various tasks more efficiently than humans, no one has such doubts in 2020. Experts argue whether it is possible to construct general AI and if yes, when could that possibly happen. We don’t need to necessarily look into the future to be amazed by a variety of applications of AI. Some of the most impressive are:

  • Machine learning. If you are a programmer, you could create a program that would predict real-life events. If you want to make this process even more efficient, you could train a program to teach itself how to do that. If you have to make predictions based on large chunks of data, a program might be better at detecting the trends. 
  • Natural Language Processing. Although it seems that different programs that we use understand our commands and words, it wouldn’t work like that without the use of a programming language. We have access to all the data in the world, though in most cases, this data is not presented in a format that is understandable for programs. Natural language processing attempts to make it possible for computers, like the ones sold at Inside Tech, to understand the languages that are used by humans. 
  • Data mining. The internet is a vast space that contains information about every subject imaginable. If you want to create complex models, you could use some of this data to make your model more accurate. Before you begin, you have to collect the crucial data first. It would take too much time to do that manually. That’s why data mining is crucial – it allows users to gather data intelligently. 

If you want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, then check out this infographic, provided by Inside Tech.

3 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Computational Sciences


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