When it comes to using apps that have been created to meet the special needs of students, a large number of them can always be found in the Windows operating system. If you area student and still have not figured out which apps are the most essential, this article will guide you towards knowing that. Below are some of the best and most essential desktop applications for students having the Windows operating running on their pc. 

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Google Drive 

Google Drive is a popular tool that is used by several millions of people across the globe. For students, this can bring a great number of benefits in making their life as a student easier. The Google Drive app comes as an office suite equipped with cloud storage. The app enables students to store school files safely on the web and retain them whenever needed. 

Asides being available on Windows, students can also carry the app on their smartphones without losing important files. 


Students are usually met with the task of creating essays and research papers. Although they can always refer to research paper writers for hire from StudyClerk to assist them in crafting a unique piece, those who need to work on writing assignments on their own can use OneNote as they work. OneNote is an amazing tool to help you create simple documents and notes. 


Coursera is a platform that offers amazing online learning services to students across the globe. Through the platform, students can access tons of online courses and better build their knowledge and academic skills. Luckily, this platform has also been developed into an app that is now regarded as one of the most essential for students. 


The amazing app is widely used across many educational fields. It provides a great number of other apps that are designed to teach students specific concepts and guide them through a particular field such as machine building, industrial and civil engineering, media and entertainment. As a student, you can gain access to its services for free. 


Skype is a great tool for students to easily chat with friends and family with just the click of a button. Through the video call feature of the app, Windows users can easily speak to friends and pass across information quickly. 

Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office is regarded as one of the most essential Windows apps for students. Through Microsoft Office, students can access other Microsoft software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many more. This way, they can work on documents directly from their computer. 


Studyhippo is an app developed to meet the proofreading needs of students. With the app, they can check for plagiarism make their works free from grammar errors. Asides from this, they can also check if their work is plagiarised to ensure it is unique. 


myHomework is an app designed to help students with the organization of their homework. By keeping things in a neat and orderly way, they can easily attend to each assignment and not forget to work on any of them. 


Grammarly comes as a unique tool designed to help writers create amazing write-ups. As a student, having Grammarly installed on your Windows can greatly boost your writing skills over time. 


When it comes to having an app that helps to organize and track tasks, Wunderlist makes a great app for that kind of job. The app is designed to meet the scheduling needs of students. If you are a student and find it very difficult to manage your time, using the Wonderlist app to plan your tasks is a great way to conveniently plan your tasks. 

With the app, students can create timetables, mark homework, and keep a record of special events. 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

No matter where students find themselves, they will always need the unique feature of a dictionary to help them learn every once in a while. Luckily, Windows supports one of the misting amazing dictionaries developed to help students known as Merriam-Webster Dictionary. 


If you are a student who is finding it a bit hard to learn a new language, trying out Duolingo can help you deal with that. The app can help students learn a foreign language with ease through its amazing techniques and game-like features. Also, if you are studying in a foreign country, trying out Duolingo should come in handy in learning how to understand the people around you. 

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Today, there are many thousands of apps that have been created to attend to the academic and social needs of students. The above-listed apps come as specially developed and designed apps for students. In other words, these apps are equipped with amazing features that allow them to make the lives of students a lot easier. 



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