Nowadays, the development of technology allows affordable software and hardware solutions that facilitate the education process for students across the globe. Young age is the time for fun, love, and games, which is why any help that saves time and provides a more effective learning process is regarded with much appreciation. Our current article will show 10 Windows apps dedicated for students which we hope will make your schooldays a lot easier.


Turning in your paper with grammar mistakes or spelling issues is not only embarrassing it also affects your grades negatively. Grammarly is an online app which you can use in order to proofread your content. There is no limit that binds you to the number of words or paragraphs that you can check. Say you have to write a series of essays about the crucible, instead of checking all the work manually, Grammarly allows you to import all the work at once and get instant results.


According to research, taking notes during class engages your mind, thus allowing you to memorize more of the lecture, which makes homework or exam preparation easier. OneNote is one of the best Windows apps for students when it comes to helping with taking notes. It allows you to collect all sorts of materials like texts or multimedia and reference it directly to Word, which is an excellent time-saver and provides an easier categorization of your resources.


You can talk to people wherever they might be and pay nothing but your monthly internet bill. Skype is one of the most popular instant communication apps that also allows remote access to partner’s computer, it gives you the potential to share and receive all sorts of files, and organize conference video or audio calls, which is great when you can’t have all your friends in one place at once.

essential apps for windows users

MS Word

One of the best word processors in the world, and arguably the most popular one for that matter. It’s almost impossible to think about finishing school or college and never have to use Word for its amazing features. It provides anything you could want from a word processing software, from different design options, spell checking, inserting virtually any type of content, tables, placing hyperlinks for references, integration with other parts of MS Office, as well as both import and export of PDF files.

Google drive

Useful as both online and desktop app, Google drive gives you the power to store your documents and access them wherever you might be, as long as you have an internet connection. This app allows you to upload and download all sorts of material and use it in collaboration with your friends, live. As a cross-platform software, Google drive allows Windows users to work with people that utilize an alternative OS, and never worry about compatibility issues.


Since not many students can afford personal assistant, there is Wunderlist – one of the most essential Windows apps, equally for students, teachers, and all other people that have a lot on their mind. This app allows you to create schedules, set reminders for certain events, chat and collaborate with other people and keep track of their progress, as well as share, upload, and download research or some other type of material.


Students like to travel, according to statistics, 23 percent of international tourist arrivals generate persons age 15 to 29. However, whether it’s for travel or you simply want to practice your foreign language skills for class, Duolingo allows you to practice Your language abilities while sitting at your PC solving quizzes.

Windows apps


This music streaming application allows you to enjoy music without any need to download songs or pay in order to listen to your favorite hits. You can choose whether you want to subscribe to Spotify or just use it as it is, you can still access all the content. However, the paid version allows you to enjoy Spotify on various mobile platforms and lets you take a little peek at what your friends are listening.


A free app that allows you to keep track of your homework so you never forget about deadlines, upcoming events, and keep an archive of your completed homework assignments. The user interface is well-crafted, allowing seamless navigation through features that provide, keeping track of upcoming projects, classes, and utilize a customizable calendar to add all sorts of event reminders.

Wolfram Alpha

Last but not least, perhaps the most beneficial of all apps for students on this list is Wolfram Alpha. It’s a kind of scientific Google, allowing you to find all sorts of research data, along with additional resources and facts. It saves time you would spend crawling through tons of irrelevant or fake data you might come across with regular search engines.


We tried to craft a comprehensive list of apps as possible in order to cover every aspect of student life. Most of these apps some of you already use for a while, while some of them might be new for you. We really hope that even one of these apps will make your education more effective, fun, and easier.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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