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We know that Windows 10 Anniversary Update integrated Linux with Windows 10 platform and Bash is one such important feature. Windows Subsystem for Linux is an optional feature in Windows Read more »

Windows 10 Creators Update is now live! The new version underwent a lot of testing and screening. After the successful completion of Beta testing, Windows 10 Creators Update has started Read more »

There are many location based applications in Windows 10 like Weather, Cortana that needs your location service to be enabled. If you turn on your location, then you will receive Read more »

In Windows operating system, quite often we pin frequently used applications to the taskbar. There are several apps that we need to use regularly. The Taskbar contains some fundamental apps Read more »

Zipped file compresses your files into a single folder and reduces the file size. Zipped file adds a basic level of security to the files within the zipped file. But Read more »

Microsoft has incorporated a new feature to its Windows 10 Universal Outlook Mail app called the ‘Focused Inbox’. Focused inbox is mainly inclined in organizing mail and filtering the important Read more »

Windows provides humongous level of customization or Personalization, especially in case of wallpapers, desktops themes etc. If you have multiple Windows devices, then you may want to change wallpaper of Read more »

Sometimes Microsoft releases Windows 10 Updates which are full of bugs. There are certain Builds which when comes, Windows restarts automatically and updates to the new Build. The only way Read more »

Since the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has added a Share feature that allows contextual sharing of files and contents. Whenever you open a file that is eligible for sharing, Read more »

It often happens that we want to type special characters, ligatures and diacritics but we cannot find them on keyboard. There are some keyboard key combinations that can do the Read more »