Windows Facts

1. We all know about the famous Operating System WINDOWS XP in the name what does Xp stands for?
Ans. XP stand for eXPerience. So, it is Windows Experience.

2. Which Windows Operating System is in lead in Net Market Share till now (Aug,2012)?
Ans. It’s Windows 7 with 42.76%, followed by Windows XP with 42.52%

3. User Account Control was first introduced in which Windows OS?
Ans. The answer is not Windows 7, It’s Vista.

4. What is Windows Shell?
Ans. It is the main graphical user interface in Microsoft Windows.

5. When did MS Dos come out?
Ans. MS-DOS came from 86-DOS, which was informally known as the Quick and Dirty Operating System or Q-DOS owned by Seattle Computer Products. It was actually written by Tim Paterson. Microsoft bought the rights on 1981.

6. What is the operating system used in ATM?
Ans. Nowadays the majority of ATMs use Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Embedded as their operating system.

7. Which Desktop OS has Highest Market Share as of end of 2013?
Ans. It is Windows 7 with 47.52%

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