This is an era of video blogging and one of the most important part of video blogging is screen recording. Screen recording is an inevitable activity for video bloggers who perform technical stuffs on computer screens, mobile screens, etc. Screen recording is Bible for video bloggers who are gamers as well. There are hundreds and thousands of YouTube channels and Facebook pages, where technical troubleshoot videos and game videos are the main content. Gamers cross difficult levels in games, record the entire activity and put them on their YouTube channels for viewers to watch and follow. So, for technical vloggers and game vloggers, a potential screen recording software. In this article, we shall talk about one such screen recorder application, called the VideoSolo Screen Recorder. The application is supported on both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Important Features Of VideoSolo Screen Recorder

The salient features of VideoSolo Screen Recorder are listed as below:

1. The application is capable of recording live videos and live streaming from various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, BBC and other websites that does not have download facilities.

2. You can also record your device screen while playing games. On one hand, it helps you to create your gameplay videos for viewers of your YouTube channels. On the other hand, you can record your gameplay for analyzing and improving your own game.

3. You can also record webcam videos and also create video tutorials by recording screen of your PC.

4.  The VideoSolo Screen Recorder application provides you a plethora of customization features for recording audio, video and webcam videos.

5. The application enables you to preview the overall recording before you save.

Steps To Install And Use VideoSolo Screen Recorder For Windows

For Windows, first download VideoSolo Screen Recorder application. Download the .exe file and run it to initiate the installation process.

videosolo screen recorder

Next, tap on Install to complete the installation.

videosolo screen recorder

When installation is complete, click on Start Now.

The user interface looks like this. Primarily, there are four options, which you can choose from- Video recorder, audio recorder, screen capture and More.

videosolo screen recorder

If you click on the Video Recorder option, you will be taken to a new set of menu, where you can customize how the app will record video. For example, you can choose to record the video from the entire screen or customize the part of the screen you want to record. You can turn the audio on or off, or the microphone on or off. Finally, click on the red record button to start recording.

Next, comes the audio record menu. Click on the Audio record menu and you will get to choose whether you want to turn on audio for microphone or speaker. Similarly, you can customize settings for webcam and screen record.

videosolo screen recorder


The application has a wide scope for customizing screen recording. It is robust, efficient and works effortlessly without any lag. The application has a smart and beautifully crafted user interface. It is a boon for YouTube tech bloggers and game bloggers.


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