This is a real incident that just happened a day or two back in Kolkata, India. A teenage boy, age 13, committed suicide by hanging himself, because his class teacher snatched his smartphone from him. He was using the smartphone during class time. The incident has shocked parents, teachers and psychologists equally. How can this small frivolous incident take a toll on a child’s life? How come the teenagers have become over possessive and overly sensitive? Then, we have ample examples, we teenagers have committed similar life threatening things either in lure of online suicide games or something else.

The news about teenage suicide games and news of teenage suicide are sprawling fast. Every other day, we hear such horrendous news where teenagers have been compelled to commit suicide after blackmail or assault. Such incidents have been increasing because of two reasons: Firstly, teenagers are highly sensitive and vulnerable emotionally. Secondly, nowadays teenagers are highly exposed to the dark side of the web world. Pedophiles, cyber criminals, and hedonistic lure to new life trap those innocent children. As parents, you must be careful before the problem hits you. Whatever be the situation, you must monitor the child’s activity and scan their whereabouts.

In this article, we shall focus on letting your children use the internet in a steady and regulated environment. We shall highlight the benefits of Windows 10 security systems that can prove to be beneficial for your child. We shall also let you know some potential solutions that are available for your children.

How Windows 10 Protects Your Child’s Exposure to Internet

1. We all feel proud when we see our children using smart phones and laptops like a pro. But we often ignore to what extent they use the internet and what the perils can be. With Windows 10, you impose a good number of restrictions on your child’s computer use. You must create a separate user that will be exclusively used by your child. Adult or admin accounts can control the activity of your child and keep him safe.
child account

2. You can enable Family child account using your own outlook mail. With that, you can manage family Settings online. When you tap on the Manage Settings Online, it will take you online via your Outlook mail. Then, you can find Activity Report, Email Weekly Reports To Me.

3. You can monitor the screen time, that is the time used by your child and for how much duration. You can change restrictions of web browsing, web searches. You can also check which websites have been browsed by your child.

4. Set Screen Time Schedule for your child. With the screen time schedule feature, you can set which time of the day, your child will use the computer. This will help them become disciplined and utilize the time wisely.

child account

5. You can block all sorts of inappropriate games and apps, that contain explicit and violent content. You can set games only appropriate for kids up to age 13. No adult games will come in search results.

6. Other than Windows 10, you can also take help of Snapchat Spy apps, because Snapchats, and certain messengers apps cannot be always controlled by Windows 10 or any other operating systems.

Hope these tips have helped you.


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