Event Viewer tools keep track of the events that take place in a computer and it keeps a record of the information in the form of a log. The record of the significant events of your computer are collectively called event logs. Even though the logs are immensely useful, but if you want, you can clear the log. The following tutorial will help you do so. You must be signed in as an administrator to be able clear all event logs.

Steps to Clear All Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows 10

1. Open Cortana, type Powershell and select Windows Powershell.

search powershell

2. Type the following command and press Enter

wevtutil el | Foreach-Object {wevtutil cl “$_”}

3. The event logs will be cleared.


1. Press Windows+R to open Run, type eventvwr.msc and hit Enter.


2. In the left pane navigate to Windows Logs -> Application.


3. In the right panel, you will find Clear Log option. Tap on it.

clear log

4. Click Save and Clear or Clear.

save and clear

5. The log is cleared.


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