Data Recovery Software applications are in high demand now, as data recovery is something synonymous to life saviour. We have loads of data in our PC, starting from snaps of our last vacation to the meeting details of an upcoming seminar. We have everything in our laptop or PC. When data is huge, the risk of losing them gets alarming. We often tend to keep even the most unimportant snaps and useless stuffs in our computers. Apparently, they don’t consume much space but when stacked up for innumerable days, they become a huge burden on the machine. As a result old machines crash, destroying all the information. This is one big reason of data loss. While deleting files at an instant, we accidentally delete files or permanently remove them by mistake. This is another example of how data from computer is removed. There are several such circumstances, where important files get jeopardized and we have nothing to do but to endure with the loss. But this is now a thing of past. Data recovery software apps are reigning the market and serve the best products to help you get back your lost files.


There are copious application available in the market. We have reviewed a lot of data recovery software applications in the past. Today we are going to talk about the Apeaksoft Data Recovery software. We have used it, reviewed it and found it simply great!

It is one of the safest plaftorms to recover your lost data. The Apeaksoft recovery software can recover files from the recycle bin of a Windows PC, hard drives, external hard drives, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile phones, etc. There are some important instances of data loss in which Apeaksoft works amazing. Although I have already mentioned the points, but here is a recap of the above said things:

  • Shift+Delete: This key combination is dangerous. If you have done it by mistake, then be sure your data has been deleted permanently. Apeaksoft recovery software can recover such permanently deleted files.
  • Partition Loss, Drive crash, Hard Drive crash: For all such conditions, this software works like a miracle.
  • Crashed PC: Windows operating system crashes sometimes, and bootable problems can also lead to data loss. Apeaksoft rescues your PC from all types of data loss calamities.

The software and hardware support of the software is great. It is a Windows based software and is compatible with Windows Vista/8/8.1/10 and all advanced Builds of Windows 10. It supports PCs with 1 GB RAM and more.

Now let’s have a look at the step by step installation process and use of the software:

Steps To Install And Use Apeaksoft Data Recovery Software for Windows PC

First, download the .exe file of the Apeaksoft Data Recovery software here. Run the .exe file. When prompted by UAC, click Yes to continue.


2. Click Next. Accept the terms and conditions and follow the simple steps that will guide your through the recovery process. Finally click Install when the option comes to you.


3. Click Finish. The software starts on its own. The app has a super simple and beautifully crafted user interface. It classifies the recovery options by the type of files. For example, you know you have lost images and you want to recover only the image files, then you can simply check the radio button coresponding to images. If you want to recover unsaved word document, you can do it. In this way, make your selection and click Scan.


4. After scan is complete, click on Recover. The files get recovered in the drive selected.

That’s all. Hope this article has helped you.  The software has a free and paid version. You can check details here. We recommend you to use the software.





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